USPS effectively stopped a SNES game preservation project after around $10K of games lost

February 16, 2017

A Nintendo fan’s attempt at digitally preserve every SNES game has come to a screeching halt after the United States Postal Service either lost or misplaced (read as: possibly stolen) a package with around 100 games in it, according to amateur archivist Byuu.

The package was the second of five packages containing SNES games, which were being sent to Byuu by a game collector in Germany, who had sent the games as a loan. Byuu intended on sending the games back to the collector once they were archived.

The donor had planned on loaning Byuu over 400 games to archive, but with this mishap, the process has effectively come to a stall.

However, the package containing around $7,500 to $10,000 worth of games has been “stuck in the Jersey City, NJ 07097 bulk mail processing warehouse with absolutely no movement.” Apparently, the package had been sent on January 5th, 2017 and never reached Byuu.


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10 Comments on "USPS effectively stopped a SNES game preservation project after around $10K of games lost"

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Leland Grant

stolen in new jersey , not lost————- search christie’s office

Brandy Heston

They need to get a handle on this c**p.

Ellen Marszalkowski

International package sent January 5th? It’s only February guys, he’ll get it in a month or so.

Matthew Chavez

All my likes go to this

Michael Mitchell

I have had several packages show up as being in jersey city this week alone

Michael Mohr

As a gamer and a postal worker this really sucks.

Aaron LaFollette

Tear the place apart and find that package!!


probably at the dead mail center……undelivereable mail…..

Bill Freeman

I can’t even send a package to an orphanage in Ukraine, as it sits in NJ Postal facility for 2 weeks before, someone did their job right.

Bill Freeman

Finally found a direct line phone number, through web browning.

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