USPS cutting 12,000 jobs nationwide; longer lines, slower delivery expected

July 26, 2017

SEATTLE — Lines at the post office could get a little longer as USPS announced its eliminating 12,000 positions nationwide.

In the Seattle area, that means 16 fewer clerks on the job, but offices across Western Washington could be affected as well.

The American Postal Workers Union says if these cuts go through, you’ll feel the effects.

“The public’s going to have to wait a lot longer in line at a lot of these post offices. The phone won’t get answered, and the level of service the public has gotten used to could decline if these job cuts go through,” said David Yao with the union.

The Union plans to stage a protest at 4:00 p.m. Wednesday outside the University Station Post Office. They hope pressure from the public can help roll some of these cuts back.


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Alex Siewert

Post office in need of total management overhaul from the top down! ?

Tangela Moore


Jeremy R. Ebert


Dyango Carrera


Alex Siewert

exactly! Just retire!

Lillian Santiago

I agree 100%

Patricia King Griffin

We paid 2 clerks to sit and chit chat and play on internet today. I see where they need to make cuts.

Rita Scanio

Who paid ??


not in my office, they work their asses off, only to get chewed out… constantly!

Alex Siewert

For a regular carrier like myself who would like to work another 15 years or so. It makes me sick to my stomach watching these guys who should retire that r staying for a check and just running the place into the ground and actually walking around and laughing about it at our expense!


I stayed on 3 years longer than the minimum and wish I’d gone earlier. Sometimes the extra money’s not worth the peace of mind retirement can give. I’ve now had 12 great years of retirement and attended many a funeral of those who decided to stay ‘just a few more years’. Their widows love the survivor’s benefits.

Ginny Maki

totally agree! So happy I’m retired, I don’t have to listen to the BS. But I do miss my carrier friends 🙂


We totally agree!!

Brent Russell

And they wonder why they lose money with overtime. Um, der?

Charles English

Someone said this is fake news.


The post office is it’s own worst enemy….way to go USPS…idiots

Sandra Mack

well, our office doesn’t answer the phone, & the lines are already out the door, most days, so….

Anne McGlothlin

Does not surprise me. Customer service went out the window!

Mary Wackler

A LONG time ago!! It’s pathetic! ?

Fonville Mitchell

It’s all about making their numbers look good.

Megan Azukas

If only we charged Amazon more… maybe for the stupid fresh?? Ijs… Megan Azukas for Post Master General! ???

Megan Azukas

Oh and maybe if we stopped marketing stupid ass stamps that change with the touch… how much do you think that shit costs… are you kidding? Post office priorities needs to change… unfortunately we are no longer in the letter business we are more in the parcel business… shit changes they need to devise a new plan or in 10 years Amazon will own us!

Lee Neilsen Shelly

I agree that too much is spent on new stamps. They should put a moratorium on that.

Mary Kubicek

Megan Azukas so true ! Parcels are out of control ! But you need to make your evaluated time

Equawn Valerie Lane

Shari Griffith Ryerson

Robert Crockett

The secret shopper busted my office for 22 mins wait time ha ha ha ha

Nicoh Chen

Cutting jobs while we’re already short staffed lol

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