USPS Customer Service Center Needs to Improve Customer Service, Says IG

The Postal Service’s customer care centers suffer from “long hold-times for customers, abandoned calls, and customer frustration,” an IG white paper has said.

The centers, which supplement online information, receive calls about specific matters including tracking a package or scheduling a delivery, as well as for general information and for dealing with complex matters. Of some 60 million calls in 2017, 19 million opted to speak to a service agent but of those only 11.5 million ultimately spoke to one, with an average hold time of 13 minutes

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It’s not the customer service agents. It’s the customers. Customers don’t called prepared. Instead of calling with correct tracking,explaining what their local postal office should or should not be doing, customers screaming over the phone because wait time. And that’s just few reasons why the CUSTOMERS feel the Usps customer service has a long wait time. It’s not the agents it’s the customers! Give the Usps customer service agent the information and let the agent do their job! One call might take 2-3 minuets another might take 5-? Depending on the service that the customers needs. The service really would… Read more »


There will always be those who complain about anything. It can be the Postal Service or the RMV or even if the coffee is too hot or not hot enough. However, it is obvious that “service” in the Postal Service has declined. When every piece of mail was sorted by hand and the starting times were 6 or 6:30 without any “mechanization”, the mail moved faster. Today, you can mail a local letter and in most cases it takes two days to get there which is absurd. Also, the Postal Service is always beating the drum on “safety” and yet… Read more »

Sandi Stillings

Granted the push button options leave a LOT to be desired. When a package is NOT delivered entering the tracking # only to have the robotic voice say “Delivered” & hang up is NOT help!! Three calls later and more “waiting” listening to really loud music and more “options” I FINALLY got to a human???????? Big shout-out and gratitude to “Nina”!!!???????? Very kind and knowledgeable. Between the two of us and getting a case going I took the other persons misdelivered package to my local Post Office and again, grateful for their digging into my missing package and the fact… Read more »

Keiser Gonzalez

The service is average, but when your mail does not arrive you try to find someone to help you to find out what happened and no body really care about you.