USPS considers new safety protocol for drivers

August 11, 2017

MEDFORD, Ore. – The U.S. Postal Service is looking to implement some new safety protocols.

These discussions stem from some issues mail carriers face in the rural areas of Jackson and Josephine counties.

The ideal situation for a letter carrier is a circular driveway or a driveway that has enough space for a vehicle to drive in, deliver and turnaround before heading back onto the main road.

However, in more rural areas of the community, the streets are so narrow that often drivers find themselves backing up onto oncoming traffic.

“Safety being obviously a top priority for the postal service, there’s some discussion throughout Oregon, about making sure our letter carriers and so forth perform their job safely,” said Peter Haas, the regional USPS spokesperson.

An idea is to install a barcode on the back of the postal vehicles, which would require drivers to get out, scan it to verify they’ve checked their surroundings before proceeding out.


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Judy Revell

This is a topper for the Postal Service. It will add so much time to the route and we are going to be hard pressed to get paid for it. I live in Western Washington where it rains a lot and snows. This will be a hazard for us as carriers. If the Postal service was so concerned that the narrow roads being a problem than they should not have put us in LLV’s in the first place. I could see just fine in my Wrangler and I had good heat and air conditioning.

teresa clark

Maybe if we were given the time to be safe. New guy came into office last week. He was taking to long. He told management he was doing all the parking protocol learned at driving school and safety training. They told him to quit doing all that (curbing wheels, setting er brake, locking vehicle each stop) and get done and get back by 5.

Andrea Jefferson

He needs to have that in writing to protect himself. They WILL deny it!


There should b a grievance filed imediately for being told to work unsafe. Safety always first so I can,do your job right and go home safe and healthy.


The totally insane thing about this is they now have a zero backing policy, which includes 3 point turning in a customer driveway while delivering a parcel.

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