USPS changes led to 85 million late deliveries in a single week, investigation finds

DETROIT (NEXSTAR) – Changes at the United States Postal Service initiated by a Trump Administration appointee caused a rapid deterioration in the first-class mail on-time delivery rate, according to a new report released by the top Senate Democrat in charge of postal oversight.

On Wednesday, the office of Sen. Gary Peters (Mich.) released a report titled “Failure to Deliver” after an investigation into changes initiated this summer by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

DeJoy, a major donor to Republicans and President Donald Trump, took over the agency in June after a career in logistics and set in motion a set of policy changes that have delayed mail and sparked concern over the agency’s ability to process mail-in ballots this fall.

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Amazon is responsible for most, bad management the rest!

Damn, only 85 Mil. That’s not bad. Well do worse next time.

Every ad deferred a day is a piece. Stuff adds up

Yeah right the just pushed to back of building and told truck drivers to leave investigate we need cameras and people who give a crap watching what’s going on not their friends and buddies check it out