USPS asks employees to help identify shortfalls

The Postal Service is reminding employees about its Revenue Assurance team, which works to improve the organization’s finances.

The team, which was established in 2015, helps identify and resolve situations where USPS is losing money, such as process gaps that lead to revenue losses.

The team also seeks ways to reduce future expenses.

Identifying revenue deficiencies — such as shortages or underpayment of postage or fees — is critical to maintaining and growing revenue, Postal Service leaders say.

The team asks employees to help the process by looking out for:

  • Permit Imprint mailpieces being deposited in collection boxes
  • Mailers picking up mail daily at a station without paying the caller service
  • Postage labels indicating incorrect zones, weights or mail classes
  • Media Mail rates being claimed for ineligible items

Employees can email lost revenue leads to

Additionally, some states allow USPS to recover taxes paid on utilities. If your facility’s utility bill shows that you paid taxes, send a copy of that bill to


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Christopher Paradise

Only the USPS would spend money on a group aiming to save money.

Dawn Harris

That’s postal sense for ya!! ????

James Hunter

Save money get rid of 4million supervisor who only get in the way of getting mail delivered, i swear somtimes they act like they dont know thats what we are here to do!

Chemmy Haley Pelter

Brenda Allen Vanzant

Brenda Allen Vanzant

Make your Co-workers see this! Ha!!!

Shannon Cole

Yeah we got this speech too then were told how many scans we missed and how bad we sucked . Blah blah blah

Doug Storace

I’ve been hearing that for 25 years.

Shannon Cole

Doug Storace 17 here and quite frankly the more they talk the less i care

Rick Pasek

Scans and scanning percentage is what the mailers want. If they don’t get their scans the. Company moves onto ups or fedex. That’s why the post office needs excellent scanning service

Cindy Wetherington Styron

Well after reading all the responses on the mail count page I would say communication is our biggest problem?

David Andrew

Worried about “lost revenue” but don’t worry about the millions wasted in mismanaged local offices. Sounds about right for us..

Stacey Roozing

If we could get rid of the people that can’t perform the job instead of giving them help on a regular basis and letting these same people get continuous training on routes they have carried we may save some money, not only that but it’s unfair to everyone else who bust their butts to get the job done on their own.

Danica Wright

Amen to this!!

Sunshine Lee

Wow, do you work in my office too?! ?

Veronica Clayton Thurman

Must work in mine too

Rick Cooper

Short fall??? Really??? A nonprofit organization. How about you take away all bonus money from the post masters and stupidvisors.

Joshua Bathgate

It’s simple really,. Upper management.

Holly Blum

So is this from management and supervisors that are asking this question maybe they need to ask them

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