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Mike Hunt

Goal 6-RIF unneeded EAS jobs in the district offices and L’Enfant Plaza.

That will be Trump’s boy first order of business once he darkens the halls of L’Enfant Plaza.

Grant Graeves

So much of management is useless meetings and falsifying of numbers .Definitely need to get rid of some useless management people .


Another revised plan, which is just more talk, looks good on paper, and gets bigger bonuses. No action will ever be taken to truly ensure the customer is first. If so, why at xmas is there lines out the door, limited office hours available to mail a package. Pressure carriers to deliver more and faster in bad weather. Mail gets ripped up daily in the plants and the other cheek is turned but we, as management, do care… Not

Ellen Wayne

Goal 1 – How, when cutting workforce? Goal 2 – WE still have 30 year old vehicles! Expect other delivery companies that collect 98% of the shipping rate to drop off parcels to us to deliver to customers door for pennies. Goal 3 -You been trying to do this forever with no plan! You can not deliver online products with free shipping cheaper than you can buy at the store and expect to make money. Goal 4 – Really means more Management bonuses! Goal 5 -Means get rid of unions and laws so workers get minimum wages with no health… Read more »