Is the US Postal Service Helping Deliver America’s Drug Epidemic?

April 19, 2017

Tom Ridge, the former Homeland Security secretary and Pennsylvania governor, argues that the country’s growing drug problem can’t be cured until the U.S. closes loopholes in the postal system that allow illegal and deadly synthetic drugs to be shipped – undetected — through the regular mail.
“[Drug dealers] are sending drugs through the domestic postal service in packages that are not required to provide the same electronic data that they would have to provide if they sent them through a private express carrier like FedEx (FDX), UPS (UPS) and DHL,” Ridge told FOX Business.

Full article: Fox Business ###

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6 Comments on "Is the US Postal Service Helping Deliver America’s Drug Epidemic?"

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Leland Grant

of course , you dont think people really order that much coffee thru the mails do you

Carrie Padgett

LOL, CONSTANTLY delivering weed…it reeks up the whole office

Joe Nalley

drugs??you don’t say…smell it all the time..we need to start geting a drug dog to walk around and sniff out some of it

Shaun Haase

Or since half of America is decriminalized jump in the f*****g game and make some money.

Emitt Samon


Katherine Dawn

My supervisor opens it up and looks at it and then says “deliver it, it’s under a lb”. (Marijuana)


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