UPS, Overwhelmed by Online Orders, Warns of Some Delivery Delays

December 5, 2017

United Parcel Service Inc. is struggling to handle the surge in shipments from online shoppers, resulting in delivery delays early in the critical holiday season and prompting the carrier to a push drivers to work extra hours.
UPS, which handles deliveries for many of the biggest retailers including Inc., Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Macy’s Inc., is adding one or two days in transit time on an unspecified number of deliveries following record sales around Cyber Monday, spokesman Steve Gaut said Tuesday.
“We have shifted more employees and other resources to these markets to address this cyber week surge and expect to have the issue resolved by midweek, this week,” Mr. Gaut said.
The delays show that delivery networks such as UPS, which are critical components of the e-commerce boom, are still struggling to cope with the busiest shopping periods despite heavy investment to build out and automate their operations and capacity. For the first time this year, UPS tried to manage the flow of packages by adding surcharges to deliveries during peak periods.


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Sally Osborne

Aren’t we all…

Travis Kirkpatrick

Hmm interesting

Jessie Almosnino

Yup. I had a package scheduled for today but then got pushed to tomorrow due to a late truck. Now it is scheduled for Thursday delivery. What a bunch of idiots. At least if it it transferred to PO I can take it tomorrow afternoon when I get out of work….

Richard Jones

I’m sure they have their “safety first” memos too ?

Christopher Paradise

At least they hire seasonal help.

Jeff Myer

They didn’t hire as many as usual this year.

Lonnie Brian Jordan

The regular UPS guy still drives the truck. And I’ve seen a few of their helpers that walk slower than I used to walk to the principals office.

Joann Philo Handley

I know that walk well Lonnie Brian Jordan ???

Rachal Kortendick

USPS doesn’t hire seasonal help.

Joy Scarborough

I had UPS return a parcel for no damn reason, did not attempt, and when I reordered the price had gone up, so I complained. I told them I know they are busy, but there’s no excuse for returning the parcel (probably because it was dark). The sender reimbursed me $10, but the good thing is my UPS driver knows that I expect my parcels delivered. I hand off misdeliveries to my neighbors without complaining, I’m not a bad customer.

James Sebring

They left me 45 at the post office today now got to deliver theirs and ours too.

Shannon Cole

That’s not their fault that’s their managements fault . They are hourlys just like us .

James Sebring

I’m not hourly I am rural salaried do not enjoy doing their job and mine too for what 50 cents a parcel.

James Sebring

That’s PO management problem.

Georgia Tucker

Yeah…ups,..FedEx. drop off packages for usps to deliver for them

Rachal Kortendick

Georgia don’t forget ontrac and DHL drop off as well

Shannon Cole

I love my Ups man ! He’s the best !

Sabrina Phillips

Yup, had a pkg that was scheduled for delivery today, which it was delivered. However, when I checked tracking earlier today it say “it may be delayed due to weather or natural disaster.” Seriously????

Melanie Persons Sands

Christmas IS a natural disaster for delivery people.

Cora Parks

Bring them to us!!!!!!

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