UPS CEO: Consumers can get ‘much better service’ if we get mailbox access

UPS could improve its delivery services if the United States Postal Service began selling rights to access mailboxes as recommended by the Trump administration, Chairman and CEO David Abney told CNBC on Wednesday.

“We look at that as a very positive step, and we think it helps the consumer, because no one wants to get a delivery notice at their door saying they didn’t get a package,” he said on “Squawk Alley.”“If [we] get mailbox access, [we] can just provide much better service.”

Earlier this month, the Treasury Department proposed that the federal postal service license mailbox access to private entities. The proposal was part of a task force, formed after an executive order by President Donald Trump, that looked into the operations and finances of the cash-strapped agency.

Congress enacted a mailbox restriction for USPS in the 1930s, a mailbox monopoly the task force said is “highly valuable” and could create an additional revenue stream.

“We have a great relationship with our customers,” Abney said. “We go to most everyone’s houses, but getting access to the mailbox would be an even closer connection.”


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Meta Bonnell

After UPS/FEDEX/whoever else stuffs the mailbox, then where will the mail go if there is no room in the box?

Robert Brunette

If UPS wants mail box delivery have there customers put up a separate book for them. Professional Letter Carriers don’t need to find mailboxes full of other companies packaged etc.

Debbie Collins

Sounds like a lot of fingers in the cookie jar. Kinda hard to know your mail and delivery is secure when others will be able to access it. A lot of customers put out receptacles for UPS and Fedex to use. That is a better idea. Mail is private and sensitive, this idea really is an intrusion to that. While I see the practicality of it, I don’t think it is wise, people mail and receive all kinds of stuff that is of value, I feel like it could create certain situations that call into question the integrity of the… Read more »


And how many of those huge boxes in the back of their trucks do they think are going to fit in a tiny mailbox….. *crickets…. I’ll wait. We still have to get out at usps to deliver packages to the door. Maybe ups should have a better policy like no signature required.duh. mailboxes are meant for just that mail! Its private!

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