UPMA: Trump Budget Targets Federal-Postal Community

Early next week, the White House Office of Management and Budget will unveil President Trump’s detailed fiscal year 2018 budget proposal. According to press accounts, UPMA members should be prepared to actively communicate their strong objection to numerous provisions included in it. Among the most severe attacks are those directed against federal and postal retirement. The Trump Budget would:

  • Increase FERS employee contributions by 1 percentage point each year until it equals the employer contribution. This could be about a 6 percent increase in the employee contribution.
  • Base future retirement benefits on the average of the highest 5 years of salary, rather than the current high-3
  • Abolish COLAs for current and future FERS annuitants
  • Reduce the CSRS COLA by 0.5 percent
  • Eliminate supplemental payments for FERS retirees who leave service, beginning in calendar 2018.

On Thursday, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) announced that he will vacate his congressional seat on June 30. His departure may complicate House of Representatives consideration of HR 756, the Postal Reform Act of 2017. This the postal relief bill that he introduced with the ranking Democrat on the committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD).


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Anita Patterson

Christie Simon Bridge Brandi Abney Tanya Idell

Anita Patterson

Nancy Duncan Tillis robert Bob Foster

Bob Foster

It mostly hurts those younger people not retired yet. I haven’t gotten an increase in a long time. Although the cost of everything has gone up the last administration decided it didn’t.

Anita Patterson

The high 5 instead of 3 will cost me money. In 14 years who knows what usps will be like

Bob Foster

You are just going to have to work for 40 more years

Anita Patterson

Yes at 88 i will eventually get you that boxholder

Pam McDaniel Cox

Im so tired of fake news:(

Evanna Perkins

The hell is your problem?? You want people to be uninformed about changes that could effect their livelihood? RI should ban you for trolling. You’ve posted the same inane blather on every thread concerning this and nothing else.

Shaun Haase

Just saying it’s fake doesn’t make it fake. Please enlighten us.

Vanessa Floyd Taylor

Shaun Haase just saying it’s real doesn’t make it real either enlighten us

Catalina Simonson

I thought it was prefunded?

Missy Jean Lum-Hale

retirement…thats funny. well as a rca now from a contractor i make 3,500 less a month…so my future is rock solid? Still working 6 days a week too.

Lisa Denton

I’m a contractor and won’t change over. Should have done it 15 years ago but I got a good no curb delivery route with only 932 boxes.

Missy Jean Lum-Hale

in our area they took the contracts away and i had to become an RCA because i couldnt make a decent wage at anything else. ive got 8 yrs or so before im regular. I miss my contract and the pay!

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