11 Comments on "United States Postal Service Announces Retirement of Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan"

  1. Hot dog! Now more management needs to follow. Now we need to appointment a PMG who will clean house of bad management.

  2. About time!! One of the worst and most ignorant PMG’s of all time!! None of her scattered brained ideas have benefited the USPS. President Trump should remove PMG Brennan now!

  3. She’s been looking like crap lately…. tipping the scales at around 300 lbs.

    I knew something was up when she wasn’t at the Woodstock stamp unveiling… hopefully she can focus on her health now.

    We will probably get somebody worse then her at PMG, if that’s possible…. David E. Williams comes to mind as a nightmare hire.

  4. Doesn’t matter who retires they still treat their carriers like crap so one gone there will be a other

  5. help wanted: postmaster general needed immediately! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY !!

    • It will be an in house hire…. nobody in the private sector would come near this dumpster fire…. Anthony Frank and Carvin Marvin were the last PMG’s hired from the private sector….and both hated heading this dysfunctional agency.

  6. Maggie’s last act as PMG will be to give Linda Malone a nice cushy job at the spa at Elephant Plaza…even though she’s done a terrible job as head of CapMetro….her office will probably be across from Kristens….where they can brainstorm about drone delivery and driverless trucks.

  7. They need to pay us for time that we go over our evaluated time instead of making us take days off. They have all these tools to watch if we’re actually working or goofing off. And I know the majority of us are really working.

  8. After hearing about her upcoming retirement, I’m not asking for anything for Christmas. This Christmas present can’t be topped. Keep your fingers crossed, maybe they’ll find somebody that will clean house on the top heavy useless management.

  9. she is actually pretty smart where else can earn 400000.00 a year running a company that lost 40 billion during her tenure …never would happen with a real company ..good luck with your next job ..

  10. I would like to talk to Megan about the horrible service at my post office

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