U.S. Postal Service’s financial straits could disrupt daily mail delivery

August 11, 2017

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Postal Service is warning that it will likely default on up to $6.9 billion in payments for future retiree health benefits for the fifth straight year. It is citing a coming cash crunch that could disrupt day-to-day mail delivery.

The post office says it expects cash balances to run low by October. Postmaster General Megan Brennan stressed an urgent need for federal regulators to grant the Postal Service wide freedom to increase stamp prices to cover costs. She points to continuing red ink due to declining first-class mail volume and the expensive mandates for retiree benefits.

The Postal Service on Thursday reported a quarterly loss of $2.1 billion, compared to a $1.6 billion loss in the same period last year. That came despite double-digit growth in package delivery.


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Mark Pearl

Fake news

Lee Waller


Ruth Walker

If it wasn’t for Congress putting in that nice little loop hole for Amazon to exploit they would our only hope is jacking up the price of stamps

Deanna Jellison Hardin

USPS is scared of losing Amazon so they are kissing ass.

Joanne Caravano

Here we go again

Jesse Koleszar

Media is really pushing that delivery may be disrupted line. So, when has that happened in the last many, many years?

Mark Taylor

The value of the sword is not that it falls, but that it hangs.

Sherry Holcomb

When the rural study is almost done and rural carriers (who have carried the post office for years) may actually be compensated comparable to other crafts.

Jesse Koleszar

Sherry Holcomb I’m trying to be optimistic about the potential results of the study. It sure would be nice for the extra trips up .5 mile long driveways (mainly for Amazon parcels) to be accounted for.

Rick Cooper


Fernando Vasquez

The only disruption I’ve had in my delivery is when there’s a 20 minute stand-up on why I’m not 20 minutes faster.

Dalton Riley

Janna Landofnod

Janna Landofnod

I give you…. postal logic.

Dalton Riley


Janna Landofnod

That’s an oxymoron btw

Dalton Riley

this is true

Waymond Morgan

quick making stupid discion. let someone that works run the show instead of a pencil pusher. and don’t give bonuses if you didn’t make the money. give it to the ones that made money for the company like working people

Sally Osborne

I agree. I say the same thing “pencil pushers” that don’t have a clue about delivery. And don’t tell me you delivered in 1990. Lol because it is soooo different now.

Waymond Morgan

I have there for 20years. would have recommended to a friend but would not now

Pam Burkett

Commercials? Even Super Bowl commercials? Smh

Sherry Holcomb

Exactly what ive been saying since they started them. And for what? Either you need a stamp or to send a package or you DON’T !

Johnny Criss

It’s run just as well as the country is – spend, spend, spend…there’s no such thing as a budget!

Pam McDaniel Cox

Get so tired of hearing this when we work our a#% off everyday:(

Kristy-Steven Harris

Charge amazon and quit making fancy stamps!!!!

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