U.S. Postal Service worker found dead in Woodland Hills, CA amid Friday’s record-breaking heat

A longtime U.S. postal carrier was found dead in her mail truck in Woodland Hills on Friday afternoon amid blistering summer temperatures, authorities confirmed Monday.

Peggy Frank, 63, of North Hills was found unresponsive while seated in a postal vehicle in the 4800 block of Calderon Road by a co-worker or bystander, said Ed Winter of the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner’s office.

Paramedics attempted to revive her without success, Winter said. Frank was pronounced dead at 3:35 p.m. Friday.

Temperatures soared to 117 degrees in the Woodland Hills area on Friday, surpassing the record of 106 degrees for that day, July 6, that was set in 1976.  (The National Weather Service has kept records there since 1949, according to Keily Delerme, a NWS meteorologist.)

But Winter could not say Monday whether the heat was a factor in Frank’s death.

While her autopsy had been completed, the cause of death was deferred pending additional tests, Winter said. She also had some type of medical history that Winter declined to specify until the final cause of death is determined.

“We want to express our thoughts and prayers for the employee’s family at this difficult time,” said Evelina Ramirez, a spokesperson with the U.S. Postal Service.

She noted that carriers deliver mail in “all kinds of weather, including high temperatures.”

“Safety is our top priority for all of our employees,” Ramirez said. “The Postal Service strives to ensure that they have the tools and training to do so safely.”


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Janet Ramos

Yes, we delivering all kinds of temperatures and weather conditions but being on ice or high heat are the extreme dangers 4 a mail carrier the vehicles do not have air conditioning and they get 15 20 degrees hotter inside unnecessary death. Vehicles need air conditioning

Karen Jackson

The floor to the bottom of LLV’s are very hot to the point of frying an egg.They can become unbearable to be in. No matter how hot it is outside, sometimes it’s better to step outside of the truck to deliver packages just to catch that momentary hot breeze. It’s 2018, the climate is only becoming worse with each passing year. Why in 2018, these LLV’s have no air conditioning?

Tony Wescoe

While I was accused of UNAUTHORIZED OVERTIME.. I took my time in the heat drank tons of drinks. Even shared with my fellow workers

Amy J

Let GOd bless the new LLV’S come soon.


Safety…..really??? When all the vehicles are poorly maintained, outdated, no air conditioning, no anti lock brakes. Doesn’t seem true that safety is a priority. I hope USPS makes these much needed changes before another life is lost, even it isn’t the cause of death. Prevention is key here.

Amy J

you are right!

Mark Howard

Lip service from postal management,they don’t care about the carriers only their numbers.How many carriers were made to work overtime in that heat that day.How many were told to be back on time?How many were told to take extra breaks to cool off?How many supervisors came out in the heat for extra water for the carriers?Lip Service that’s all they give.

Amy J

They only care what time you come back to the office !They always cut your day off and mando you comeback to work,They forced you to work overtime .They don’t care whether you like or don’t like!


LLV’s are so poorly designed. If management will not allow air-conditioning in LLV’s, all postal vehicles (staff car, vmf, etc etc) should be without air-conditioning.

Tony Wescoe

Law suit. Postal mismanagement dont care about safety

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