U.S. Postal Service shakeup continues in Richmond, VA

April 26, 2017

The U.S. Postal Service is continuing to shake up the management of postal stations in the Richmond area as the fallout continues from a scandal over overtime pay, sources have told the Free Press.

In the past week, at least five station managers or carrier supervisors at area stations have been removed amid allegations that they altered postal carrier time cards to reduce overtime, the sources said. The specific stations were not identified.

At least 10 others are under investigation, according to the sources.

The sources said the USPS has brought in staff from Northern Virginia, Fredericksburg and North Carolina to fill posts temporarily. The temporary managers are being paid bonuses and are being housed at hotels during the transition, the sources said.

USPS did not respond to a request for comment, but generally does not comment on personnel matters.

The additional moves come as carriers in the Richmond area pursue class action lawsuits seeking to regain pay they lost when supervisors, without permission and in violation of USPS policy, altered time cards.


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13 Comments on "U.S. Postal Service shakeup continues in Richmond, VA"

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Bob Foster

Does that surprise anyone?

Christiana Lee

Let’s not waste money on overtime but instead give temporary managers a bonus and free hotel??? and ya wonder why the Postoffice is losing $$

Mark Kruse

I agree. How does giving bonuses to temporary managers make that situation any better?

RickandKathy Bless

They have tons of money from all the parcels the rurals are delivering for free.

Lorraine Bragg


Aaron LaFollette

Or not really, but no one’s fault but management. Amazon is laughing and UPS is glad they got rid of the cheap freight…


Our small post office has people working off clock everyday as do many post offices it is crazy.

Jennifer Spell

Lorraine Bragg

Gerry Nance

Sad thing is that these criminals are probably being laterally reassigned, like they do with all crappy managers.

April Marks VanEtten


Jeanne Luddeni

Oh no they will become great postmasters

Debra Wilkinson
Really. If the postal service would get rid of 1/2 of mgmt and give reconition to the one’s that do there jobs. We would have mgmt stealing to get bonuses. Why are they receiving bonus and free place to stay. Why not move and train the honest ones already in the area. Most of the ones are 204 b”s anyway. To much money being spent for unnecessary thing. Then your not giving the customer service the customer deserve. Having one clerk run an entire office to save hours for bonus… Stop mistreating people that work. But pat theses button kisses… Read more »
Bill Freeman

I thought this was a universal thing and happened at our office , they were cooking the books and they were all fired and haven’t had a Post Master in 9 years and no consistency as ever other OIC had their own agendas.

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