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Ljiljana alic

Wonderful. :/


Sounds like a perfect opportunity for NALC and NRCA to sue the Postal service for safety and OSHA. But when you’re in on the scam, let’s let em burn, pretty hard to represent anyone.


What makes the Postal Service think they will have the money to pay for new vehicles in 2020?. 🙄


Does this surprise anyone??

Matthias Fischler

USPS mail delivery trucks should be electric with AC.and solar panels on the roof for running the AC and changing the batteries.
They should be able to get 1KW of solar on top. That would provide 10-20 miles of driving.
I doubt of most Postal service trucks go more than 20lies per day, so they will only need about 10Ken’s of batteries.
Maintenance would be zilch.
Cost shouldn’t be over$20K per unit and the benefit to the Postal Service and the world would be astronomical.
Make the vehicle great for the employees.

Alma Aparicio

Hope those new vehicles have a/c! We have never had air conditioning. It’s a LONG day in this heat.

Marco Giraldo

We probably won’t get them till the end of 2021, two more hot summers

Kevin DeWitt

Most mail trucks today have 240 air. Two open windows and forty miles an hour. They will pick the basic truck. And we will all be happy they got the chopped version.

Paul Lambres


Michael Shaw

They better hurry up, at the rate the LLVs are burning up were gonna run out of vehicles to deliver with.