U.S. Postal Service asks for help keeping mail carriers safe during the holiday season

November 30, 2017

Tis the season for lots and lots of mail. Whether it is holiday cards or presents, the post office says workers will be hustling and bustling to get those special items delivered before the Dec. 25 deadline. With the increase in deliveries, the U.S. Postal Service is asking for your help to keep carriers safe as they work long hours over the next few weeks.

Here are six things the U.S. Postal Service is asking customers to do:

  1. With early-morning package routes and nightfall coming earlier, some deliveries will be made while it is dark outside. Leave outdoor lights on to illuminate addresses and walkways.
  2. Remove potential tripping hazards from steps, porches and designated package drop-off areas.
  3. Ensure that dogs are restrained or kept inside. If a carrier rings your bell or knocks, place the dog in another room before answering the door.
  4. Letter carriers are on the front line of severe weather conditions. Be conscious of doorstep deliveries, painted porches and steps that could quickly grow hazardous.
  5. Residents who receive delivery to roadside mailboxes should keep the approach to, and exit from, the mailbox clear of snow or any other obstacles, like trash cans and other vehicles.
  6. Don’t be surprised to see your carriers on Sunday. Workers are delivering seven days a week in many cities.


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Lori Andrews Fink

What about keeping us SANE?!

Walter McLean

Too late for that. lol

Meta Bonnell

And what is the Post Office doing to keep their carriers safe? Harrassing them to hurry up, one person to deliver a package that says “team lift” on it, vehicles that spontaneously combust, keep driving vehicles that get a problem on the route like the reverse goes out (just don’t back up), more harassment about making evaluation time (never mind that mail/parcels are double or triple or more), etc, etc, etc. Ok, rant over, I think.

LeAnna Simmons

Ha! No backing up. You ask how far they expect rural carriers to walk. Boss says up to a half a mile! Don’t forget your scanner, air horn and a huge heavy package!

Meta Bonnell

And only 30 seconds to walk that distance AND back!

Teri Slavik

LeAnna Simmons – air horn?

Josh Rigefsky

reverse isn’t broke they deactivated that function

Lisa Lewis

Driveway markers would nice too especially if your drive is in between a ravine have two like this dash cam video to follow soon

Jesse Guillen

What is “safe”?

Wendi DelValle

They could just hire more workers? But then again I guess that’s too much to ask. It’s ok tho cause I’m gonna enjoy my overtime pay lol

April Brown Graham

Even extra workers won’t have the training in time to help.

Wendi DelValle

That’s true, but they knew Christmas was coming all year. They could’ve hired help months ago. We all knew it was gonna be bad.

Sherry Dempsey Counts

We’ve hired 5 . They all quit within the first few days, saying it’s to hard

Wendi DelValle

The problem in my office is management treats subs so bad. There’s no way I could deal with it if I was a sub. I feel so bad for them. They work them to death and don’t appreciate them at all. It’s sad.

James Carey

Yep, this year will be 15 hr. days

Joe Nalley

arm them

Colleen Daves

By having them coming in Late, and delivering in the dark?

Heart of Texas

Safety = hiring part time people to dedicate to parcel runs so the carriers can safely deliver the route without constant dismounts.
Of course, since this would mean spending a few extra dollars it won’t even occur to upper management.

Sally Rose Allen

Talking about making our start times 9 am.

Cynthia Favalora

Then hire the help to get them off the streets before dark

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