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CPatrick McIlvain

So what does this actually mean in the final amount of money going to the U.S. Department of VA – By law, revenue from sales of the stamp — minus the postage paid and the reimbursement of reasonable costs incurred by the Postal Service — will be distributed to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.


How much are the “reasonable costs incurred by the Postal Service” that will be deducted?

Wendy Gamble

Why not find a research program the would be a benefit to all people who suffer from PTSD? There are just as many civilians who have this as well as the military but they don’t get any help.


Yes, millions of people in the US will have PTSD, but children in foster care are twice as likely as veterans to suffer PTSD. Trauma is not just due to being in active duty. PTSD funding should also include organizations working with early childhood trauma, foster care, ACEs science (adverse childhood experiences). There are many of us out here doing this work!

PTSD sailor

Yeah, the vets get the funds–as they should! But the rest of us are left in the lurch. Thanks, America.


As someone with chronic PTSD, I am grateful that women like myself are finally recognized as victims of this horrible disorder. I am 65. The things that occurred, happened over time beginning in childhood, stretching through the 60’s overseas, through my adolescence in to my adulthood. It’s a shame that so many of us have suffered so long to benefit a whole lot from this, but others will benefit finally and that does give me hope. Thank you.


So how do those of who deal with PTSD outside of the military access services funded by the stamps?


Giving the money to Veteran Affairs only helps those in the military. There are so many Americans with PTSD without a military background. What does that say about them? Are we leaving them out to fall behind? I agree veterans need help but they have assistance with certain things like service dogs which is very expensive for your average Joe.


The money is for research, I’m sure the VA will share the findings with the world! My wife, who is a civilian, suffers from PTSD, as does one of my good friends who is a ve, and I am glad more money is going to research!

Erin Maynard

To the VA. So the only people this “research” will help are veterans, who are NOT the majority of those suffering from PTSD. And we’ve all seen what a stellar, bang-up job the VA has done. I mean it’s not like people are literally KILLING THEMSELVES IN VA PARKING LOTS or anything…