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My heart is broken for the loss of letter carrier in Enfield, CT, Dan Nacin. All carriers who have lost their life on duty should be honored due to the risks they take on everyday. My deepest condolences to the family and friends. From a fellow USPS worker in CT.

Julie Johnston, retired postal worker

That pour mailman never had a chance especially in those aluminum tin cans, LLV’s. You have no protection in them what so ever. A head on collision would ultimately be fatal. I’m grief stricken to see such a horrific way to leave this world. He was in the line of duty, just doing his job like any day of the week. You just never know. My heart goes out to his fellow workers and his family. It is so sad, so unnecessary, and so unfortunate.

Thang Tong

Rest in Peace, Brother


Maureen Marion he was 59 yrs old and worked for the PO for 40 yrs. RIP Dan Nacin.


Rest In Peace Dan.
Wish the USPS would get better vehicles instead of these tin cans that are over 30 years old and are rolling coffins.