Two arrested for holding up mailman in Brooklyn, taking off with his keys

February 15, 2017

Cops busted two Brooklyn muggers one day after a 64-year-old mailman was robbed of his keys, police said Wednesday.

Gasim Kromah, 21, approached a mailman as he delivered packages to a Ridge Blvd. apartment building near 93rd St. in Bay Ridge around noon Monday, cops said.

Kromah jammed his hand in his pocket, as if holding a gun, and demanded the mail carrier’s belongings.

“I’m not joking … give me everything you have!” he demanded before ripping the keys — which open mailboxes in the building — off the victim’s belt.

After a struggle, Kromah ran off with the keys. The U.S. postal employee was not seriously hurt.

Police patrolling the neighborhood for the mugger spotted Kromah inside a building near the robbery around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, cops said. He was opening a mailbox with the stolen keys, police sources said.

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Mary O'Keefe Wooley

For what, nothing!