Turnover Rising Among Non-Career Postal Workers

February 26, 2017

Plagued by increasing turnover among non-career employees, postal officials are trying to stem the tide with new management incentives and an overhauled orientation program.

The average annual turnover rate among non-career employees rose from 38.69% in FY2015 to 42.82% last year, the U.S. Postal Service reported earlier this month. Postal officials had set a target of 34.8% for FY2016.

Turnover was worst among City Carrier Assistants (CCAs), rising from 54.24% to 59.66%. Among the other three major non-career categories, turnover for Rural Carrier Associates rose from 30.1% to 35.29%, for Postal Support Employees remained stable at 36.6%, and for Mail Handler Assistants increased from 29.86% to 37.67%.


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77 Comments on "Turnover Rising Among Non-Career Postal Workers"

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Amberly Gunter

The sad thing is they can’t figure out that it’s management.

Chris Whipple

The lack of career employees retiring and pm’s avoiding making full routes makes it hard to stay!


It’s hard to be a sub. I have thirteen years in and nothing to show for it.

Greg Francis

Takes too long to go career. 8 to 10 years as a CCA or RCA working 70 to 80 hours a week with no binifits and the time spent does not go towards your retirement time. Not for everybody. Only the hungry

Randy Rene Ledbetter

I have thirteen years in and nothing to show for it. It is hard if you do not have any support at home. RCA

Lisa Erlandson Prater

After 13 years I finally went regular in 2000. Now I have to work to 2020 to get any retirement benefits. Hell, I’m worn out from all the hours I put in as the part time employee!!! I feel for any and all RCA’s waiting for a regular position.

Chris Murphy

I was a RCA looked at the #2 senior sub and they’d been there 10 years I started looking and went career maintenance within a year benefits the first day and long term security without killing myself on a route everyday

Mark Pearl

I’m a regular, tell me more of this easy work

Jessica Weaver
I have only alittle over 4 years in, I make the same as a new hire!. Hours are so dodgy. 1 week you work 5 days the next 3 weeks only 1 or 2 days. Medical through work for my family is 740 a month and with only getting 1 or 2 days I can’t afford it. Give incentives to the non career employees after so long of service not the managers. Manager incentives will make them keep the unwilling to work (not pulling their own weight), forcing the hard workers to work less hours. I’m constantly seeing people with… Read more »
Mark Pearl

The thing is, other postal groups get benefits for being part time

Jessica Weaver


Tony Cook

trying to stem the tide with new management incentives

Roger N. Campbell

It’s a hard Row to hoe

Joe Nalley

looks like a real “CAKE” job..all I see yall do is ride around all day with your hand out the window viisting peoples mailboxes…(ducking for the rocks and bullets)….. truthfully , I look up to the carriers, I know what yall have to deal with and you couldnt run fast enough to give me a carrier job…

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