Trump’s Privatization Plan Would Destroy the Postal Service

Rather than solving the problem, privatization would create a host of new ones. The administration has cited the “successful model” of postal privatization in other countries, but such efforts in Europe have resulted in severe job losses and wage cuts for postal workers, and increased prices and reduced mail delivery access for customers.

These are the inevitable consequences of a system that views postal services as a vehicle for private gain instead of a public good. “If the goal of the Postal Service is to make as much money as possible,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) told the Nation in June, “tens of millions of people, particularly low-income people and people in rural areas, will see a decline in or doing away with basic mail services.”

Indeed, under a U.S. privatization scheme, it is rural communities that would suffer the most. Unlike private companies that won’t deliver to certain remote areas because it’s not profitable to do so, the Postal Service is obligated to serve all Americans regardless of where they live.

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  1. The postal service is already destroyed. It is top heavy with over paid useless supervisors. It is run by the PMG who talks out of her ass because her mouth knows better. It loses funds every quarter. And amazon is running it anyway. Can somebody tell me how a customer today in our post office was charged to ship a parcel today at the cost of $27.00 and amazon ships the same size parcel for $1.48. Who runs the post office -“Jeffrey BOZO”. Time for a change – what do we have to lose/

  2. We get paid less than UPS and do the same job. I was forced to work overtime on my day off.Management needs reform,

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