Trump’s Postal Task Force Report Receives Tepid Response From Key Players

December 6, 2018

The Trump administration’s long-anticipated and significantly delayed task force recommendations for saving the U.S. Postal Service were more moderate that some of its sharpest critics had anticipated, but many in the mailing community  wasted no time in pointing to what they saw as flaws in the report.

Absent from the findings, released on Tuesday after President Trump created the task force by executive order earlier this year, were any broad calls for privatization or dramatic changes to the agency’s obligation to deliver mail to every address in the United States. Still, large-scale mailers, labor unions representing USPS employees and lawmakers took  issue with many of the recommendations and declined to endorse the report overall.

Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., long the top postal point person on Capitol Hill and author of a current piece of reform legislation, said he appreciated the renewed focus on postal issues but criticized the task force’s process. Carper has introduced postal overhaul bills in several consecutive congresses and voiced guarded optimism that the administration’s proposals would lead to prompt legislative action.


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