Trump’s Postal Task Force Has Recommendations Ready for the President

While the report is completed and expected at the White House by Friday’s deadline, multiple individuals engaged in discussions with the task force told Government Executive the administration will not make it public immediately. The report is already being circulated within the administration, those individuals said, but the White House will not widely release it for at least a couple of weeks.

The task force is by all accounts playing its cards very close to the vest, with no details of its proposals making their way out to the groups it met with over the last few months. Stakeholders expect only that the report will make some mention of the administration’s reorganization plan, which included a proposal to privatize the Postal Service once it regains profitability. That plan was met with rebuke both in Congress and in the mailing community, with criticism that it undermined the diligent work in which the task force appeared to be engaging.


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teresa l clark

why would you make it profitable and then sell a profitable bussiness?????

Clayton Norris

Under the current Postal Management and 50 year old operations model, the USPS will NEVER be profitable. Now is the time for President Trump to act and reorganize the Postal Service from top to bottom.

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