Trump’s latest Amazon gripe: It’s making the USPS ‘dumber’

December 29, 2017

US President Donald Trump said in a tweet Friday that Amazon's shipping rates with the US Postal Service are making the independent federal agency "dumber and poorer" while enriching the company.

"Why is the United States Post Office, which is losing many billions of dollars a year, while charging Amazon and others so little to deliver their packages, making Amazon richer and the Post Office dumber and poorer? Should be charging MUCH MORE!" he wrote in the tweet Friday morning.

Neither Amazon nor the USPS immediately provided a response.

The jab was the latest in a string of tweeted complaints from Trump about Amazon and its founder CEO Jeff Bezos. Trump has previously criticized Amazon for harming other retailers and not paying "internet taxes."

The USPS is an agency of the federal government -- one of the few outlined in the Constitution -- but receives no tax dollars. It relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations, and has run at a loss for years. In its latest fiscal year ended in September, the USPS reported a $2.7 billion net loss, slightly narrowing from the $2.8 billion loss a year earlier.


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Cindy Saunders


Matt Graver

Say what you want about trump..but hes right on this

Vanessa Taylor


Candie Lorenz

Is this fake news?

Mike Dixon

So true

Shannon Cole

I cannot believe this idiot is our president . ?

Randy Walters

Me either! I love it! ??

Len Winston

I know, isn’t he great

Dee Hassett

Love him.

April Brown Graham

I love it!!!

Pam McDaniel Cox

Thank god for someone that understands buisness!!

Shannon Cole

Pam McDaniel Cox they understand business it’s not costing them a penny for us to deliver their amazon

Brent N Stacy Auten

Shannon Cole that’s the point he’s making…

Nana Knew

We got the contract! But at what price?

Jeremy R. Ebert

He is correct USPS is Amazons bitch.

Blake Williams

Trumps the man. He’s saying what I’ve been thinking for years.

Armeisha Nixon-Gauche

Amazon is job security. Why do y’all make a big deal about it?

Tim Lockhart

Because many believe that Amazon is getting the better end of the deal. Which in a way they are. They don’t have to pay much for shipping. Which business wise many companies do this for other companies wanting to do business with them. But the Postal Service could have charged more and been in a little better financial situation.

Jo Kappus

They deliver their parcels directly to the delivery office so they should pay less that saves the postal service quite a bit of money

Cristina Portugal

Correct but they are also taking over the world malls are closing stores are closing this is not good someone needs to stop this

Nikki Sanidad

We get a dollar a package.

Mary Wackler

Jo Kappus which…unfortunately…they do NOT pass on to the actual deliverers of the package…?

Linda Parsons Root

and the packages were bought in after last mail count, so carriers aren’t being paid for them, what I was told.

Pam McDaniel Cox

Nikki Sanidad we carriers get nothing extra!!

Scott Wombacher

Oh that sounds nice !!! They get to charge $20 per package, and then drop it at THE PO to deliver for $ 1.32 maybe !!! Some folks just don’t get the same education in MATH anymore !!! FACT

Armeisha Nixon-Gauche

Postal office gets more from Amazon….Carrier contracts will STILL be SHITTY as hell.

Scott….YOU’RE IGNORANT! You And Your Insults. I Don’t Entertain Your Kind ??‍♀️

Garry Pederson

Nikki Sanidad $1.47 per parcel no matter what it weighs or it’s size!


When the USPS goes under (it is taking $$$ from the Treasury) there will be no retirement pay. That system is GROSSLY underfunded SHORT Billions $$$! It is worse than Soc. Security for early collapse. Learn basic Economics America!

Shari Schreiber

He’s the man!! Says it like it is!!

Gary Scherer

He’s a moron as is any Union member who was dumb enough to vote for him.

Tim Lockhart

Gary Scherer you’re opinion only.

Teri Slavik

Gary Scherer – the dummies voted for Hillary

Bel Papiyon

Agreed Gary Scherer!!

April Brown Graham


Bel Papiyon

#Hastagsareoverrated #ithoughtthiswasstillafreecountrybutidkmaybeimwrong
#opinionsarelikeassholes…..#yougetthepicture ?

Shari Schreiber

Some one on here said their encounters with rude people are usually Trump haters. Liberals. Democrats. You prove this point.

Veronica Danielson

Some one on here said people that support Trump are idiots

Pam McDaniel Cox

Thank God for Trump everyday!! Someone that finally keeps his promises and does what i voted him to do!!

Leland Grant

i have kept track on the forums i go to , and the name calling , rudeness and shear sophistry in remarks have been made by people who supported Trump, hated Obama or despised Hillary for what ever reason almost almost 61% of the time, ———————- the people who supported trump also use rude names to refer to anyone who voted democrat or media that doesnt openly support Trump , almost 70% of the time, ————————— if you want to get along with your fellow citizens, talk about fixing real problems then start that by not calling fellow voters names.… Read more »

Shari Schreiber

Those percentages are kind of suspicious 😉 I’d like to see the break down and analysis of how you came to such detailed data.?

Leland Grant

Shari Schreiber then you track the words on the forums that you go to and figure it out for yourself, your response indicates to me, that you would not accept my tracking unless i had said that 99% all said trump was gift from God,

Ronald A Sewell

While I agree with your point Leland, the same can be said about those that voted for Hillary. I have no problem debating anything, but when the conversation starts by being called a sexist, racist, homophobic, fascist , then what’s the point of continuing that conversation

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