Trump Suggests USPS Cut Retirement, Health Benefits in $80B Savings Package

The White House suggested USPS bring its retirement benefits in line with the same changes proposed for the rest of the federal workforce, which would save the agency $35 billion over the next decade. Under Trump’s plan, the postal service also would increase employees’ contributions toward their health and life insurance.

Similar to reform legislation in Congress, Trump suggested USPS increase collaboration with state and local governments, reduce to-the-door mail delivery “where appropriate,” change its governance structure and create postal-specific assumptions about the demographics of the USPS workforce to prevent possible overpayment into the agency’s Federal Employees Retirement System account. The proposal said the Postal Service should institute a one-time price hike and have more flexibility in setting its rates, something postal management has also advocated.

The operational changes to the Postal Service would improve the agency’s financial position $45 billion over 10 years, according to the budget, while the benefits changes would reduce costs by an additional $35 billion. The total unified budget impact would be just $44 billion over the next decade.


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James Hunter

yeah let’s give tax breaks the billionaire than millionaire take away retirement from hard working people and lets have a parade waste even more money

Candie Lorenz


Beth LaPlante

I would like to see how USPS could “reduce to-the-door” delivery ? Customers will complain more than they already do… ?

JoshuaTamera Naylor

Mail to door… walking routes where appropriate

Beth LaPlante

I just don’t see customers liking that at all

Lakisha Potter

Well isn’t that special….?


Who’d cut wages and retirement packages from hard working individuals, take away healthcare from millions of Americans,while degrading women and people of color? Could it beeeeeeeee SATAN -The Church Lady

Tanya Carey Stackhouse

Rick Stackhouse

Kathy Jablonski

Let’s hear from all those USPS trump fans.

Kristy Kriegel Knight

Are there any? Jk.

Brenda McFadden

oh, yes, I work with several. smh

Debra Eastburn

Love…Love….Love our President! I’m a BIG fan and did I tell ya that I Love….Love…..Love our president. So now you’ve heard from one Kathy Jabonski and yes Kristy Kriegel Knight there is at least one USPS trump fan. Peace 🙂

Ronald Reagan

You are an idiot.

Pam Lovell

Me too! So Proud of my President! He will do the right to thing for all. Love ❤️ his ❤️ for America!

toni rv

how’s the koolaid?

laurie gilbert

Why ??

Janet Jamison

What exactly is there to love? Didn’t these two bimbos ever watch The Apprentice?

Mike Cabral

Dumbass Drumpfettes. Cut off your nose to spite your face. Hope you like getting screwed by the fake president pu&&y grabber.

laurie gilbert

What are your reasons for Love…Love…Loving him ??

Dara Gould Kowalcik

My Aunt retired from GM they cut all of her retirement benefits under A different president not to be named. So not like this is a first! GM is also Union and the union allowed it to happen.

a cieslek

The union did not allow it to happen. The “union” is all membership at GM.So, it is the workers banded together that is the union. I am sure none of the workers voted to have their benefits cut. Put the blame where it belongs, on the company and not the workers. That’s what companies want you to believe.


The Govt. had nothing to do with GM cutting the pension? That was GM big wigs putting more money in their pockets.
I got screwed on my pension when United airlines claimed bankruptcy, yet they had 1 Billion stashed away. Which the Govt. found out a few years later. I’m sure the Govt investigators overlooked, because they were paid off!


The President at the time did not suggest or have anything to do with the cuts at GM unlike the one now that doesn’t care about the regular working Joe and is only looking out for the wealthiest.


Where do you get your information from? Especially in regards to the Union. Not buying it.


GM doesn’t have federal employees, so the president has no say in what they do.

Brent N Stacy Auten

And here’s another! At least we may have a future and retirement to look forward to!

Everette Letishia

Yall better retire now if u can…
Look what’s on #44s Agenda
Nunu Jenkins-Rodgers

Veronica Danielson


Ginny Bruce

My man is letting me down

Gena Arney

Why don’t you refund all the money the USPS has paid in for Retirement. That’s perfume for future retires that haven’t even been hired yet,

Shani Kin

Try born yet.

Jason Lark

The problem is that the money the Post office put into the fund isn’t there anymore. The same people who wrote the law funneled it out.


Exactly. The postal service has been forced to pay in an astronomical amount to a fund that keeps getting robbed.

Janet Jamison

Just like monies paid into Social Security and Medicare. Then our “representatives” talk about cutting entitlements. Trump supporters don’t seem to understand they are helping cut all our throats.

CARL Lee Burnett



It is funding a war for oil, and they keep hiring cca’s and pse’s and mha’s that can’t even read, so they don’t have to pay benefits.


Postal Service is a self sufficient organization. It’s not part of federal budget. All the surplus gets syphon off.

JoshuaTamera Naylor

Because that’s not a political smart move….most don’t know about why we are in red…the media has not told the true story…regular Joe’s and Amy’s would see it as government bailing itself out….most still think we are tax funded.

Mike Dixon

Suggest deeze!

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