Trump reportedly pushed USPS to double Amazon’s shipping rates

May 18, 2018

According to new reporting from The Washington Post, President Trump personally pushed United States Postal Service head Megan Brennan to jack up shipping prices on Amazon and other firms.

The story comes from unnamed sources, who suggest that, thus far, the postmaster general has held out against pressure from the president. If enacted, the new pricing structure would likely cost the online retailer and others billions. 

Amazon has been in Trump’s crosshairs from some time, of course. In late March, he took to Twitter to personally call out a “scam” he believed was costing the USPS “billions,” writing, “If the P.O. ‘increased its parcel rates, Amazon’s shipping costs would rise by $2.6 Billion.’ This Post Office scam must stop. Amazon must pay real costs (and taxes) now!”

Brennan has reportedly pushed back on the notion that deals with companies like Amazon have been a bad deal for the postal service, offering evidence of the upsides of such partnerships in meetings with the president. She has also noted that such multiyear contracts wouldn’t be easy to break.


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j. stelle

Three snakes…Trump, Amazon, and the USPS. No difference.


The PMG is afraid of amazon. She wants a job once amazon takes over and it’s called Amazon-Postal Service. Writing is on the wall – every quarter in the hole losing money (piss poor management) , Shipping amazon at a low, don’t want to raise the rates, found out from a state union rep. – amazon decides how and when their parcels go out on sunday and holidays. I guess amazon having the money, they can make their own rules. Maybe you need to double the rates, no carriers in our office got paid today and nothing came down why… Read more »

Heart of Texas

There is a No Strike clause in the contract, however, it is your decision to abide by it or not. Tell the PM that you disagree with postal policies, make up a sign and stand picket outside the post office. Then go home and explain to your family why you no longer have a job. Check didn’t get there today, maybe direct deposit should be looked at. My bet – you are not a union member, or if you are you never attend meetings. Always a complainer, never trying to offer up solutions. So glad I’m retired. Spent too much… Read more »


I like your come back – yes I am a union member – I have been to many union meetings. Good and bad points are brought up – maybe the union in Texas is stronger and not afraid to stand up to management. In my state – it is a whole different story. It is a shame that union members don’t have a say so in what is agreed to between the union and management. I have observed many times that agreements between the union and management look good on paper. But management doesn’t follow the rules and the union… Read more »


Same thing in my state. Union decided to side with management to defend the sexual harasser instead of the victim. The victim had to hire her own attorney. What a joke. I asked the president of nalc to educate us on how the dual representation works. No answer. So if we quit the union, what are downfalls?

Amy J

It seems I am very smart!Because, I don’t have to join the union.

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