Trump proposes pay freeze, new and familiar retirement cuts in 2019 budget


The president’s 2019 budget also includes several familiar proposals to change the federal retirement system, many of which the White House included in the previous year‘s request.

Specifically, the president is recommending:

  • An increase in employee contributions by 1 percent each year,
  • An elimination of the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for current and future Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) participants and a 0.5 percent cut to the COLA for Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) participants of what the typical formula currently allows,
  • Basing future retirement benefits on the average of an employee’s highest five years of salary, and,
  • An elimination of the FERS Special Retirement Supplement, payments for employees who retire before age 62.
  • Health care

    The Trump administration is also recommending changes to the formula that currently dictates the government’s contribution rate for participants in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP).

    The budget suggests that moving forward, the Office of Personnel Management base the government’s contribution rate on an FEHB plan’s score from the program’s plan performance assessment. OPM rates all FEHBP carriers on 19 health outcomes, quality and efficiency standards.

    A formula set under law determines the share that the government and the enrollee pays toward FEHBP premiums each year. Government pays about 75 percent of a participant’s premium up to a certain cap. The cap equals 72 percent of the weighted average of the previous year’s premiums.


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Tim Weaver

Y’all spending money on everything else. Leave us alone

Debbie Dix Minton

Ummm I thought it had to pass Congress?

Fran Perry

How can any federal worker or retiree support him?he wants our money in his budget.what am I missing?

Paula Stillman

I’m on board with him on many things- but this…..

Pam Kralik

Fran u are missing NOTHING! these postal workers who still support this POS who wants our money are just stupid brainwashed asses BLIND BLIND & Stupid! You know who u are, and so do we WAKE – UP b4 u wake up BROKE!!!



Debra Eastburn

I know who I am, I’m wide awake, not blind, not stupid, certainly not brainwashed and I’m loving our President Donald Trump!


you are blind and brainwashed. You voted for a man who says he grabs women by their pussies and states he could shoot someone in the street and not lose his followers. Is he that confident that he could get away with shooting someone, or is he saying his followers are NOT the sharpest knives in the drawer? YOU PICK

Fran Perry

Debra Eastburn he wants our hard earned money.can you afford it?i can’t .my whole family have been postal workers.working overtime for anything extra.same question what am I missing?

Robert Hill

Debra Eastburn he is not a friend of Postal workers…be mindful of legislation that erodes salary, , retirement and health benefits. I retired after 48 years and I am concerned that future retirees will be facing reduced benefits. Good luck Debra.

Paula Stillman


Brent Travis

Pam Hutchinson Wall

Pam Hutchinson Wall

It probably won’t pass. But our insurance has gone up every year under Obama’s tax plan. And before Trump was in the picture, they were working on the high five. Under a Democrat. Brent Travis!

Fran Perry

Pam Hutchinson Wall I like information.where can I find out what you are saying?

Jennifer Spell

Why don’t he start by cutting the politicians benefits ???!???

Pam Hutchinson Wall

This will be federal employees. Congress and Senate are Federal.

Jennifer Spell

We actually work for our money though. Lol.

Heidi Parsons

Same reason he thinks the “me too” thing isn’t accountable…because he’s involved in all of it as well.

Anita Minardi

And there you go !

Ashley Lopez

Cathy Urroz Calzada

Darlene Wascom

Think he needs to stop these free cell phones, free housing and check into these so call people getting crazy checks, who are using it for dope. And cut these young men and women who are able to work off food stamps,

Robert Hill

Darlene, when I started in 1961 Postal workers qualified for public assistance as well as other social benefits. Let’s not return to that time, be vigilant !!!


You need to realize that federal assistance in not the problem….our policy makers get paid $175,000 per year. Start there. Trump is trying to find ways to pay for his tax cuts for the rich

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