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Aileen Cheetham

He has to recoup the tax cuts for his rich friends General Strike?

Gary Derby

I wish he would find a job and leave the working class families alone.

Joseph Ritz

Quite a number of postal employees and retirees are veterans (most served in combat for this country). We not take this sitting down!

Gregory H

Cut the pre fund retirement, requirement that the postal service has to pay and problem over. Either that or else he should have pre fund retirement for 75 yrs. on the business he owns and see how long he will remain viable!

Eugene Gajewski

It’s funny to see all of the right-leaning working class folks all riled up over Trump setting the screws to them. Republicans screwing over the working class has been going on since Nixon – you’ve been warned for 50 years. Now a bozo like Trump comes out, lacking any sophistication to his dissembling (which is why they voted for him), and he spills the beans on what he really thinks of his working class base. There’ll be no pity from the left – wingnuts *own* this.

Old Top Kick

Screw him and the ho he road in on.

Tina Grant

On raising prices for mail and packages not deemed “essential” , uh, what are nonessential mail and packages?, outsourcing some mail processing, i.e., giving his rich cronies big business opportunities and licensing access to individuals’ mailboxes, for which the people already pay access fees. Winning…


he thinks he is punishing jeff bezos by screwing the delivery people….what a POS

P McGraw

He needs to stay in his lane . Postal employees do not need their pay cut ! This makes me angry !

Mary J Hartman

The work postal folks do is quite strenuous….large packages, large weights,numerous packages each day,75-100 miles a day for rurals and walking 10=20 miles a day for city workers plus dealing with customers who think their mail is all the worker has. Many think it is an easy job….it is not. Weather,driving, walking,carrying, casing, pull downs, holidays, cards, mud, snow, and getting mail at boxes,dogs watching for children, cattle, crazy drivers,deer, working at night during Christmas. Clerks sort mail, run machines,get 1000’s of packages daily and shifts work 24\7 except Christmas. And yes we have veterans, housewives. Cutting pay, outsourcing will… Read more »