Trump administration proposes major overhaul of the Postal Service

The Treasury Department issued a report Tuesday calling the U.S. Postal Service “unsustainable” financially and calling for extensive changes to its operations.

The recommendations include eliminating certain delivery services, allowing the Postal Service to set prices without Congress’ consent, and eliminating collective bargaining over wages for USPS employees. The report suggests privatizing the USPS as a possible solution.

“The USPS is on an unsustainable financial path, which poses significant financial risk to American taxpayers,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

The Treasury report states that over the last decade the USPS had net losses totaling $69 billion and is forecast to lose tens of billions of dollars more in the next decade. It blames the shortfalls on the service’s business model, which it said “must be updated in light of its current operating realities.”

3 Comments on "Trump administration proposes major overhaul of the Postal Service"

  1. Heart of Texas | December 4, 2018 at 7:47 pm | Reply

    Not one mention that the unsustainable losses are caused by the requirement to fund retiree health benefits for people not even born yet. Apparently they believe we are overpaid for doing a job most of them couldn’t do.

  2. Okay, lets do this,make a 1st class stamp $1.50. Certified letter $14.75, three pound package $17.00. Hire employees that make $10.00 an hour, and have to supply their on vehicle. They have to carry at least 120 parcels a day plus the mail. I see a lot of unhappy customers, with no mail carriers. Forget the fund for retirement health benefits. Nobody will be here long enough to gain from their employment!

  3. As usual, the same misinformed drivel, with no mention of the prepaid retirement yoke Congress put on the Service. This Admin shoots from the hip at anything that moves, without first looking at the facts or consequences. Starting with the guy at the top. Please hurry, 2020!!!

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