Treasury suggests review of postal rates – but not just for Amazon

A task force commissioned by President Trump to evaluate the Postal Service’s business model is recommending a slew of options to make it more profitable. But it did not go so far as to say the financially strapped Postal Service is losing money to Amazon, a company which contracts services from the Postal Service and that has consistently drawn Trump’s ire.

Even though the 70-page report does not specifically cite its contract with Amazon, it does recommend a reevaluation of the pricing for e-commerce packages and other non-essential mail shipped by companies such as Amazon.

Earlier this year, Trump pushed Postmaster General Megan Brennan to double the rate the Postal Service charges Amazon and other firms to deliver packages. Trump also signed an executive order in April mandating a government review of the Postal Service. On Tuesday, that task force suggested steps the Postal Service can take to respond to the rise of e-commerce, but senior administration officials said the findings don’t apply to any particular Postal Service customer.

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