‘Tis The Season: USPS Expects 100 Million More Packages Than Last Year

December 18, 2017

ELK GROVE (CBS13) – It’s one week from Christmas and Monday is the kickoff for the busiest mailing week of the year.

The U.S Post Office is gearing up for 100 million more packages this year than last.

As you can guess, this time of year is the most hectic for shipping and delivery.

Workers are doing overtime to get packages delivered on-time. Most will work 12 hour days, officials say.

“We have what we call the night owls who come in at 12:45 a.m. and get everything ready for the workers to take out the parcels at 4 a.m.,” said Elk Grove Postmaster Merjo Ocampo.

What used to be termed as the “busiest mailing day” of the year is now the “busiest week.”

This holiday season the post office expects to process and deliver 200 million packages this week alone.

Take heed of these deadlines for sending out mail so it can get somewhere before Christmas: First-Class Mail, Dec. 19; Priority Mail, Dec. 20, Priority Mail Express, Dec. 22.


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Amanda Dawn Willmann

Traci u had 50 million of them today!

Traci Parker

I feel like it

Jason Marques

I had 25 million of them on my route ?

Cyndi Covlin

Yet!!!! They can’t get my (a postal worker) packages to me!! ? figures

JoAnn Morrow

10% increase is all!

Nece Martin-Lackey

With no extra pay!???

Cheryl McClure

Or extra help!!! We’re dying over here!!

Lisa Lynn

We have 4 subs for 11 routes and they have been running their butts off. Worst Christmas season so far

Shannon Cole

Our subs are wrkn 50 hours a week God bless them idk wat we’d do without them

Krystina Meinhart-Gwinn

11 of us delivered 3,500 parcels on Sunday.

Jason Marques

That fucking sucks ass and balls

Diana Dawn


Natasha Pettway

Yes Sunday was bad all RCA’s and ccas worked all day

Tina Wagoner

I think we already delivered them?

Nickie Lee Crump

Only 100 million?? ?

Joy Nicholas

At first, I thought they meant 100 million more this last week!!

Cassie Bone

Jacksonville had 13000 last week

Joy Nicholas

Cassie Bone and last week was less than the weeks before.

Cassie Bone


Shirley Palmisano

Seems like they would have hired adequate help … but no let’s just work the employees to death!!!

Shirley Palmisano

Seems like they would have hired adequate help … but no let’s just work the employees to death!!!

Deanna Jellison Hardin

That’s the truth

Denise Sweeten

I worked 56 hours last week ? so much for keeping regulars out of overtime.

Tammy Gidney

I put in 73.7 hours last week.

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