Thousands of pieces of mail sat undelivered at Raleigh post office, audit finds

The United States Postal Service Inspector General’s Office found stories like this all too common at the Avent Ferry Post Office where more than 6,000 pieces of mail went undelivered during a single day that auditors were at the site.

“It’s irresponsible,” said Jordan Devenish.  “A company that’s been around for so long should be better at doing their job.”

With more than 20 job openings, a lack of staffing and overburdened routes were blamed for the delays, the report said.

But that doesn’t account for more than 4,900 packages improperly scanned as delivered before ever leaving the post office.

Some packages were noted as having been on the post office shelves for as long as 46 days.

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cbs 17 should have interviewed carriers and clerks to get a full explanation…

The federal government needs to force the Post Office to hire more full time regular carriers and shorten routes.