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Barbara forte

Yeah out saves USPS $ because we only get paid 1/2 for these and still have to go house to house with packages(which we don’t get paid for)


And for City Letter Carriers who are paid by the hour standing in front of a cluster box to deliver takes less time than walking door to door. It is the reason why a carrier with apartment based routes serve thousands of individual family homes while those who walks or drives from one single family home mailbox to the next only serves hundreds of delivery points. Thus less carriers and fewer future employees that the USPS are prefunding their retirement health benefits for


it might save money in the beginning also because the new development has to pay for the cluster boxes but once they’re put in then it’s the postal services responsibilities and they’re paying for the cluster boxes maintenance which is ridiculous it all it is the money sucker it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard

Neal dwelley

I can understand the reason behind the cluster mailbox push by the USPS. Driving up to box on post can be a challenge after snow storms or reaching box on post when they are placed to far back from the road. There is a new product called the Slide Me Out mailbox bracket that allows a box to slide forward. The bracket can help speed up deliveries for routes with box on post. This could be a compromise. I invented this product after i was almost hit by a car clearing snow from mailbox. I now slide box to edge… Read more »