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Just a thought….Perhaps the USPS should start looking at the TOP of the company to save money. The Supervisors/PostMasters/Pooms, etc. get a ton of extra money for travel, bonuses, perks, etc. Let them start there to save money.


I was told today she is supposed to present them with a ten year plan! WTH


Keep lowering benefits and pay and u won’t get anyone to stay. I been rca for 2 years I’m a pee on but a lot better at my job than vets but I see a lot of better job opportunities out there for better pay I used to think being a mailman was a dream job. I was proud of this accomplishment but not saying pay sucks just saying it don’t need to decrease. We’re some people live in the world this may be a high paying job. But the pay is a dime a dozen to me. And being… Read more »

Joseph Ferriero

Give the Civil Service a buy out which is about 15 % of the work force !


Yep, let’s screw the postal workers some more, as we haven’t been screwed enough in the past 10 or so years.
Where is our unions in all of this? Oh that’s right they are living it up and partying like rock stars on our dues!

carl curtis

There must be a way other than cutting pay and benefits. The requirements of postal employees are much more than the public. They stand ready to help keep the USPS alive.
Hard times by management’s hands are no reason for this. Management must find a way out rather than off the backs of it’s employees.

K. Kaye

Well, this explains the cr*p service I’m receiving from the USPS. I’ve had to return merchandise over the past 2 weeks; and, tracking is unavailable. Even if packages or mail is handed off to a Return Agent, since I handed over my package to the USPS, they should be responsible for it from start to finish or AT LEAST PROVIDE GUIDANCE. All I receive are automated, robotic responses that doesn’t reference a thing that will help me tie it back to my original request. I’ve even emailed the Post Master General, Megan Brennan, and she did not even respond to… Read more »