The Postal Service Is Not Subject to Trump’s Workforce Executive Orders

President Trump’s executive orders on the federal workforce will carve out about 600,000 federal employees: those at the U.S. Postal Service.

The Office of Personnel Management confirmed the exemption to Government Executive after informing one of the major postal unions directly. The orders aim to streamline the disciplinary process for federal employees, boost oversight of official time and reduce its use, and revamp collective bargaining between unions and agencies.

The executive orders concern chapters of Title Five of the U.S. Code that do not apply to the Postal Service, an OPM spokesperson said on Tuesday. That squares with an analysis conducted by outside attorneys for the National Association of Letter Carriers, said Fredric Rolando, the union’s president.

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Gerard Hill

Thank God……….Postal workers would have been the first ones to be hurt by this…………”believe me”(Trump)!