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Here I thought the OIG was I independent of the USPS. Explains why they half-assed my reprisal complaint.

Lin Ferrari

Bet one of em is in eastern NC where carrier flipped not one but 2 vehicles w last one being in a school zone. Our great union fought to give her job back to her after being fired. So ur safety talks don’t mean a damn thing anymore if u can EXCUSE this behavior!!!! She wasn’t back from one accident before flipping 4 to 6 times in front an elementary school. What if children and parents packed that road and she had been 2 hoirs earlier. Oh.. YOU DONT CARE. YOU SEEN THE VIDEO and still let her drive these… Read more »

Roseland Pete

The VMF won’t even tell you if the vehicle you’re driving is unsafe. At least they didn’t tell me about sudden acceleration problems even though the VMF manager admitted that she knew about it.


USPS cares about safety so much that when anything happens, it’s always the carriers’ fault.