The federal government’s $500 million subsidy to magazine publishers

Few people love magazines more than I do. At last count, I have a half-dozen subscriptions, down from the baker’s dozen of a few years ago (with four young children, I only have so much reading time). Magazines provide incredible value. A single issue tends to cost between $1 and $3 if you subscribe. Whether one spends 30 minutes or 2 hours, magazine’s per-hour cost for edification and entertainment are tough to beat.

So nobody can rightly call me a periodicals hater when I report that the federal government is subsidizing magazines to the tune of $500 million per year. This fact is little known outside the world of mailers; why that would be is an interesting question. Perhaps media are disinclined to report it?

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Double wow

I often wonder how the once per week newspaper I deliver stays in business. Now I know. I figure by the time I’m able to retire, we will be delivering 95% parcels and 5% mail.