Surprising conclusion of new USPS inspector general report: ‘billions served’ at nation’s post offices

September 12, 2017

At a time when mail volume continues to drop precariously and stamp sales are slumping, the United States Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General has produced a report with a surprising number.

The new report says there are far more people visiting the nation’s 30,000 post offices than the Postal Service’s official estimates indicate.

In a white paper published Sept. 11, the inspector general says it believes 2.7 billion people visited the Postal Service’s retail outlets in fiscal 2016, a number more than triple the USPS official estimate of 877 million.


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11 Comments on "Surprising conclusion of new USPS inspector general report: ‘billions served’ at nation’s post offices"

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Carol Cummings

They even try to lie to the impsecter general….wow!

Erin J Frickelton Robinson

They don’t want to pay us for all the additional mail and parcels we deliver! SMH

Jeanne Luddeni

Yup that’s old news more work and the union is supposed to help no way

LeAnna Simmons

My mother n law is a retired pers. They used to not go to the house. If it didn’t fit 3849. We are paid way less for way more job duties!

Jennifer Sawyer


Lisa Lewis

Like mcdonalds

Misty Petrea Russell

They only visited to complain ???

Mark Taylor

Maybe they could hire us some more clerks then?

Jeanne Luddeni

I wish and clerks that actually work

Heather Dunn

I’m not surprised. They have been underestimating everything for awhile.

Duke Downs
Heck, long before I retired they had forgot what the postal service’s mission was; to provide a service. How you run a “service” thru a spread sheet is beyond me. Their whole mission in my last years was to “cut”, “cut”, and “cut”. You cut and then raise the prices and wonder why people look for other options. Those in Washington budget so much and tell the subordinates to provide the service that their budget provides for. So it’s reverse of most business. You cannot be in business to break even. Either a business grows or goes under; you do… Read more »

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