Support Postal reform? Not so fast…

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As a lifelong Postal employee (42 Years), I feel compelled to express my concerns relative to H.R. 756 & S 2629, otherwise referred to as “Postal Service Reform,” I am a Postal Service retiree, member of the National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS), and National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE). Though I support legislative reform that would return the U.S. Postal Service to solid financial ground, I would not support H.R. 756 & S 2629 as they are written.

This legislation, though fundamentally aimed at enabling the Postal Service to regain sound financial footing, includes a “Trojan Horse” that goes by the name of “Medicare Integration.”

As Postal employees, we would normally be inclined, at first glance, to support H.R. 756 & S 2629 without hesitation. However, if you read the bills, it won’t take you long to realize the potential impact it will have only on Postal retirees and their families upon retirement. What impacts?

Postal retirees will lose their ability to “choose” when it comes to optional Medicare B & D coverage upon eligibility.

Postal retirees will be “Automatically Enrolled” in Medicare B & D upon retirement whether it is needed or not.

Postal retirees will pay approximately $160 per person, for Medicare B & D coverage every month (Approximately $3,840 per year self + spouse) off the top of their pension.

If Postal retirees opt not to concur with Automatic Enrollment in Medicare B & D, they will lose health care coverage through the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program (FEHBP).


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Not sure where the author was going here. Just why is required enrollment in Medicare a bad thing? If it’s good enough for us tax payers who subsidize the USPS why not the postal retirees? Either way the author failed to complete the article.


Taxpayers don’t subsidize the Postal Service,it has been self supporting since the Postal Service Re-organization Act in 1970 and Medicare faces an uncertain future as long as the Republicans control the government.Why aren’t there proposals to force all Federal retirees onto Medicare? Putting USPS retirees onto Medicare has always been a demand by Republicans for supporting any reform bill that gets rid of the onerous requirement that it pay the Treasury $5.5 billion a year to supposedly pre-pay for retirees healthcare until 2081 who have not yet been born or even hired.

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