Sting operation leads to postal employee’s arrest

Victor, N.Y. – The man who delivered the mail is now under arrest for allegedly helping himself to what was inside of the letters and cards he was to deliver.

He operated a route covering the northern neighborhoods of Victor. When investigators suspected gift cards were being stolen, they set up an elaborate sting.

First, investigators mapped the complaints of missing mail to one postal route in Victor, known as City Route One. They used a tail, hidden cameras and bait to make this arrest.

Carol Camarella did get an Amazon envelope she was expecting, but…

“The package was opened, but there was nothing inside,” she said. “The empty envelope was in my mailbox, which was strange.”

Court papers identify the mail carrier as James Ludwig. Postal agents used an electronic tracking device on Ludwig’s mail truck to track his delivery patterns. Armed with new information, they purchased two $25 gift cards to use as bait.

“We will create our own mail,” explained Scott Balfour of the Office of the Inspector General, “that we know the gift card number, and we’ll put it in front of the employees like an integrity test to see if they deliver it as they’re supposed to, or if they decide to steal it.”

The envelopes containing the gift cards never arrived at their destinations. Instead, they were spent at the Perinton Wegmans. Security cameras inside the store reportedly identified Ludwig at the register – wearing his Post Office uniform. Another camera hidden in his postal truck purportedly captured images of him sorting out cards, removing items from inside the envelopes and putting them in his blue plastic lunch box.

“Postal employees are paid to deliver the mail, not steal the mail,” said Balfour. “And when we receive these types of allegations, we do take them very seriously and we investigate them thoroughly.”

Investigators say the hidden camera in the postal truck also caught Ludwig preparing two lines of white, powdery substance and sniffing them through a rolled-up dollar bill.


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Charity Spears McFadden

Happened at our office too. They set her up and she took the bait!

T'Nita Perry-Showalter


David Andrew

Can we take down shitty management while we’re at it?

Julia Bishop

AND drugs. Nice job, idiot.

Shannon Cole

An embarrassment to the entire craft ?

Lori Mae Hatfield

Too good of a job to do this kind of crap!!

Victor MArquez

Diana Gonzalez de Mártir

Teri Reif

We were told they were going to investigate a carrier at our office but then it just magically didn’t happen…

Lori Leggett-green

Probably happening you just don’t see it

Teri Reif

It was supposed to be last spring

Randi Dietz

Why would you be notified of someone being investigated….. That’s kinda the point of a “sting” operation….HELLO!?

Teri Reif

It wasn’t the inspectors that told us, management let it slip to a carrier…guessing that why it didn’t happen

LeAnna Simmons

Hope that $25 was worth it! I don’t have time to look at anything besides the address to what’s going where! Everything else doesn’t matter to me at all!

Michele Taylor Runyon

Dumbest thing anyone can do.

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