State officials urge Congress to close mail loophole causing drug epidemic

July 13, 2017

State officials from Rhode Island, Virginia, Maryland, and Kentucky testified before the House Energy & Commerce Committee Wednesday to urge Congress to close a loophole in the Global Postal System that is allowing deadly synthetic drugs to be shipped from abroad.

Kentucky Secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet John Tilley asked Congress to pass the STOP ACT—which was introduced back in February—that will require all packages to have electronic security data that would allow law enforcement officials to screen and stop deadly material—like fentanyl (a drug 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine) and other synthetic opioids from coming into the U.S.

According to the bipartisan coalition, Americans for Securing All Packages (ASAP), every day over 1 million packages come to the U.S. through foreign posts without any electronic information, allowing drugs to be easily shipped without tracing it back to a specific location or person.


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Kimberly Sanders

What about the drugs WITH a barcode? Duh

Sheila Waldrip


Molly Hatchet-Kuipers

Yeah. Blame the PO for peeps doctor-shopping and selling studd black market.

Jacob Ibarra

If they are being shipped from abroad. Then that means someone is not doing their job.

Angie Sorger

Seriously it’s not our circus it’s not our monkeys we only do what we’re paid to do go up to the doctors

Angela King

It’s not causing the drug addictions … smh… the pharmaceutical conjoined and doctors are causing the problem. …smh

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