The New Year is almost here, which means its almost time for U.S. Postal Service stamps to get more expensive. The new price of first-class forever stamps will increase from 50 cents to 55 cents on January 27 – an increase of 10 percent.

The postage price increase is an effort by the United States Postal Services (USPS) to offset record operating losses in 2018 totaling nearly $4 billion, according to reports. The post office has experienced a volume decline in 2018 of 3.2 billion pieces, according to Fox Business, with a 3.6 percent decline in first-class mail, which provides its most significant share of income.

The January 27 stamp price hike, accompanied by other mailing and shipping increases, is the biggest price increase by total cents in the history of the post office. The largest percentage price increase occurred in 1991 when the cost of a stamp went from 25 cents to 29 cents.


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Maria Zak

You are getting ridiculous. More will be e-mailing more now then ever. Including me.


How about trying to cut the WASTEFUL spending first ??
Automatic union grievance money, upper level management catered lunches, company cars, overnight hotel stays, excess equipment thrown out, and etc. etc. etc….

Dorene Ciamaricone

The less they do, the more money they take from you! SMFH! Government workers! Spending money like Congress, then asking for more. E-mail and pay your bills on-line!

Pat Nishti

this is highway are asking to be DO NOT need to deliver 5/6 days a week..the amount of mail if any is need to clean house and revamp before you end up excuses..this is the people’s money re: Government .. downsize, etc…


I have made remarks several times at our post office about cutting Saturday mail as it is usually just junk mail, but get a big frown. Any other business would either cut hours or employees to save money. I once owned my own business and did this.

Gilbert Jackson

One needs to read the rules that cover the USPS…….I was told when it was started in 1970’s by Richard Nixion then Prez of the US, it sez if the PO takes more than three days off in a row, the Post Office no longer has the monopoly for is class mail delivery,(not counting Holidays)and private industry (Mailers)can have access to your mail box for any and all the correspondence of any kinds of mail they want, they will carve out the good deliveries and leave the crap areas to the USPS, and then it will really be poor service(USPS)……Stop… Read more »


Please remember local post offices have no control over postage rates or days of delivery. No one wants to work understaffed. The people being vented to are paying the same price for postage as everyone else.


I have stamps I had be before ,now do I have to buy 5 cent stamps to be able to use the ones I already had


Yes, unless they are the forever stamps, which don’t have a price on them, they just say forever. They will still be good. Stock up before the price jump

Eugene Schmidt

Wow, all the complaining about a 10% increase. Who else will deliver a document to anyplace in the country, no matter how rural or congested, for a lousy 55¢ ? You can’t even buy a pack of gum for that price anymore.

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