Spy shots: The Postal Service’s New Electric Mail Truck?

October 9, 2017

The first photos of a prototype mail delivery truck indicate that the U.S. Postal Service may be going electric.

The photos were taken recently by a Trucks.com reader and electric vehicle enthusiast as a postal service worker delivered mail in Leesburg, Va., about 30 miles northwest of Washington, D.C.

The truck appears to be a prototype undergoing road tests in the USPS’ Next Generation Delivery Vehicle Program. It most likely was the offering from a team that includes truck body manufacturer VT Hackney Inc. and electric truck company Workhorse Group Inc., which make up one of the five final entries in the contest to build the postal service’s next delivery truck

The Hackney/Workhorse team is the only competitor offering a pure battery electric truck. It will have a small BMW gasoline engine that will act as a generator to extend the range of the truck. Workhorsewill supply the powertrain and chassis, and VT Hackney will build the body. The truck must be able to carry 1,500 pounds of mail and have at least 155 cubic feet of cargo space.


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Tish Wells

So, does the battery last as long as the scanner?

Barbara Starr

My thoughts exactly!

Michelle Smith
Debbie Dix Minton

That’s what I was wondering! lol

Colleen Daves

Great another fire Hazzard…

Denise Sweeten

I would have to ask a customer for a charge to finish route ?

Roxanne Clark

The mirrors…no more side and front ones. Wow

Brent Russell

Well there will almost guaranteed to be rear cameras on them.

Roxanne Clark

Brent Russell that would be awesome. Pretty sure these mirrors would be problematic on my super rural neighborhood route, though.

Kim Juenger

Probably are cameras to comply with the new laws.

Padi Pierce

they don’t have to comply with any laws. the llvs never did.

Derek Ferreira

Thomas E Hughes Jr

Thomas E Hughes Jr

Thanks Derek

Dave Gilman

Those mirrors will be coming right off on the first tree branch I accidentally hit

Padi Pierce

my first thought as well

Rick Hughes

Must be trying out for the FUGLY Vehicle award. I think they should go with Solar Power. lol

Jeanne Luddeni

No sun in Michigan

Rick Hughes

Lots of days off

Annie Ballard Miller

It looks short…

Doug Barker

First time I’ve heard that

Annie Ballard Miller

I was hoping the new trucks would have a larger cargo area. Doesn’t this one look shorter?

Brent Russell

Compared to the driver it appears seriously taller, but it’s hard to say without another vehicle to compare its height, and there is no real indication how high is the seating position.

Annie Ballard Miller

I mean how long. Not how high. If it is taller than the LLV it will take out all of the trees in my neighborhood.

Jill Lindgren

No pot lamp mirror. No front pt lamp mirrors

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