Speeding mail carrier asked to slow down, stops delivering mail

September 12, 2017

DENHAM SPRINGS – A woman says her mail is being held hostage by the postal service and she’s been having trouble contacting someone about the issue.

For the past week, Courtney Cook has not been receiving mail. On Friday, a U.S. Postal Inspector left a card on her front door with the message, “No mail until someone calls.”

Monday, 2 On Your Side called the number left on Cook’s door and no one answered. Cook says she’s left a handful of messages already.

Cook first contacted 2 On Your Side August 24 about her mail carrier speeding down her narrow, 15 MPH street.

“I mean, I asked her so many times to slow down but she won’t,” said Cook.

As a mother of two, Cook says she’s concerned the mail carrier is going to cause an accident. Many of the neighborhood children play outdoors and walk down the street to their friends’ house.

“She won’t slow down, what if she hits one of our kids,” she said.

Last month, Cook sent a video to OnYourSide@WBRZ.com and described a mail truck speeding through her Denham Springs neighborhood. After calling the post office and the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office for help, Cook said she wasn’t getting anywhere.

“And she don’t say nothing, she just goes on,” she said about the mail carrier.

It’s evident the lack of concern has struck a nerve with Cook who was visibly upset Monday morning, but it may have also struck a nerve with her mail carrier since Cook hasn’t been getting her mail.


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Carol Miller

When going box to box in a residential area, how fast could she possibly be going?? Sounds like someone needs a dose of get the hell over it and watch your kids instead of the mail lady

Tameka Henderson

Charles Williams

Charles Williams
Tammy Braswell

If only we had videos of how fast the residents drive down the road. It’s always amazed me how customers want to police us driving under the speed limit, while being passed by residents so fast our trucks rock.

Carol Cummings

Mine sounds like I am a low flying plane becuz it doesn’t shift when it needs too, so it sounds like I am screaming the the street when in fact I am only doing maybe 20

Tammy Braswell

Mine sounds like a muscle car!

Scott Kessman

Regardless of how other drivers ignore the speed limit in residential neighborhoods, it doesn’t give carriers the right to do the same


When you have 6 hours to deliver 10 hours worth of work, something gives. When the unattainable expectations stop, I imagine your carrier will mosey right along. None of us want to scream down the street at breakneck speed. And if you aren’t getting a response, maybe it’s because there is no issue and the slow crawl you expect the carrier to do is an unreal expectation.

Tammy Braswell

Scott Kessman Not what I said. Priorities are askew!

Suzanne Brugioni Stidham

I deliver in a country club setting, now this area is about 7 miles from the nearest town and the big town incorporated it so the city police are supposed to police it. I said something one time to one of the residents about having the cops come out to get people to go the speed limit and stop at the stop signs. He said that they did and 95% of the people stopped were residents. Oh my!

Tammy Braswell

They will put out the signs that tell how fast ur going in my neighborhoods. I’m not the one going 45 in a blindcurve!

Rachal Kortendick

I literally had a customer run me off the road. I got stuck in a deep mud rut and my manager had to come pull me out.

Scott Kessman

Tammy Braswell wasn’t replying to you, so no, priorities are not askew.

Tracy Sheffield Carter

Im sure there is more to the story!

Erin J Frickelton Robinson

Why didn’t the customer GO to the post office instead of leaving multiple messages. People amaze me!

Scott Kessman

Why should the customer have to waste time going to the post office to complain about a carrier that may be blatantly ignoring the posted speed limit?

Matt White

I’m sure the customer doesn’t have a radar gun.

Evanna Perkins

Hell she went to the media first with a video. I’m betting she didn’t “ask nicely” more to this story.

Scott Kessman

Regardless, as much as customers may be wrong, there are plenty of carriers that speed recklessly through neighborhoods as well. When my sub gets done an hour before me (and I am fast) something is wrong

Cheryl Harrison Bledsoe

I ask the local officer on my mail route to randomly check my speed when he sees me. I’m in a POV without RHD. It’s hard to get an accurate reading on the speedometer sometimes, but I want to make sure I am obeying the posted speed limit, ESPECIALLY in the heavily populated areas on my route!

Kristina A. Wood

Matt White no, but the new scanners record our speed( from what i understand), so if her mail has been stopped, maybe she is harassing a carrier who is actually NOT speeding

Jacob Ibarra

Scott Kessman if your sub gets done an hour before you, that means you are not fast, when in fact it proves you are slow. Stop acting like a Mother Teresa. Those customers are impersonating a police officer by telling people are speeding without proof. Most of them are old geezers who live alone or jobless stay at home moms who have nothing else better to do.

Roxanne Clark

Right…I would love to hear the other side of this. I had a customer get mad and tell me I was going to fast. I was going 15 in a 25. Whatever…People just want something to complain about.

Kristina A. Wood

Same here. Customer said i was flying down the road( literally did not even have my foot on the gas…..was going 11mph) it was a dirt rd. & very dry time of year so there was dust(even that slow)

Carol Cummings

Residential is always 25 anyway…

Scott Kessman

Unless posted otherwise

Evanna Perkins

Supposedly had a customer call about his box being left open and the carrier speeding down the road breaking the speed limit. The posted speed is 35. The neighborhood is tight box to box. If I were to get up to 35 between those boxes I’d have no tires or brakes left ? these customers are a dime a dozen.


No wheelstands?

Charles Nantz

Not everywhere. In Texas unposted residential is 30

Carol Cummings

Well since I love Texas I am going to say..yep they are right!!!! Lol where in Texas are you and hope all is good down there now??

Brandy Heston

He did slow down. That’s why he isn’t there yet! ??

Tammy Wachter

If it’s a narrow street maybe they should have CBU instead of curb delivery

Scott Kessman

It is not the customers fault as to how the curbside delivery boxes were designed. The postal carrier has a responsibility to deliver according to the rules and regulations of the street

Diana Dawn

Cars and semis blowing my doors off while I deliver on busy state roads. If I hug the gravel from box to box they give me no room at all so I purposely try to use the highway pavement itself between boxes so that they have to Swerve further around or slow down because of oncoming traffic before they can pass

Scott Kessman

So other drivers being irresponsible in a residential neighborhood mean you can too? You have a responsibility to a abide by the posted rules and speed limits. Claiming that other drivers ignore the rules doesn’t mean you can too.

Diana Dawn

So where did you get the idea that I don’t abide by the postal rules? Wowsers.
I was referring to my concern for my own safety delivering on these busy highways where vehicles around me are speeding and coming within inches of hitting me while I deliver

Jen Fritta

Scott is a PM troll.

Alan B. Busick


Sonya Snyder

Obviously he doesn’t deliver.

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