Some Atlanta residents not receiving mail until midnight

November 8, 2017


Wilford Jackson lives in Southwest Atlanta.

“Last night I was in bed trying to go to sleep,” he said.

But he heard the mail truck at nearly midnight.

“I jumped up,” he said. “I certainly didn’t expect it at that time of night.”

Late mail delivery has been an ongoing issue for Jackson and his neighbors. They thought the mail problems were getting better after CBS 46 did this story in October.

“The postmaster gave us his work he would correct the problem,” he said.

But after only a few days of getting mail during business hours, the same problem resurfaced.

“Thursday our mail was delivered at 10 p.m.”

Not only is the mail still being delivered late at night, some days the mail isn’t being delivered at all.

“Saturday I was looking for mail,” he said. “A particular package that was coming to me from Amazon that said it was en route to delivered to me.”

But the mail never came, so Jackson was hopeful that he would get his package on Monday.



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Ginneva Melendez Ferrer

Sheyla Alers Rivera ??

Sheyla Alers Rivera


Ginneva Melendez Ferrer


Rebecca Becker


Rebecca Becker

Hi Rebecca Becker! I took a double take when I saw your name. 😀

Rebecca Becker

I did too!!!

Joe Nalley

Id just be glad I got it..

Pete Salerno

Wonder why

Joy Scarborough

Be sure to stop your carrier and complain about how long their workday is, that will certainly make the mail move faster…smh. These carriers are grossly overburdened, they are not hanging around the office until dark, just waiting for it to be really late to deliver the mail.

Liznel Ramirez

True!!! No one wants to be delivering mail after dark

Michael Waite

Mail truck on highway this morning lost its load. Ooopps

Tina Lewis

I need some closure here…did he get his package on Monday?

Robert Fulbright

Good luck with that

Ebonee S. Williams

I read the rest of the article. It said he still hasn’t received it.

Tina Lewis

Shoot, I didn’t even see the link for the full article until you pointed that out, Ebonee S. Williams. Thank you, ma’am!

Christopher Paradise

I work until dispatch. Not one minute after. No one else should be either. It’s not safe.

Melissa H Robson

You got that right! Not one single minute after.

William Mcintyre

So you don’t finish your route?? I agree it’s not safe though.

Candie Lorenz

We’re not supposed to bring anything back. Unless pm, sup, says get back now

Christopher Paradise

Then you do what you’re told and then file a grievance the next day. I’m not putting my life in danger because of mail. Job or not. It’s tough to enough with idiots on the road during the day, much less at night.

Kathy Smith

You are so right. Dispatch is when im done whether its all done or not. They dont get that we have so much more this time of year and with it getting dark earlier makes it alot harder..

Debby Childers Parson

We have a cut off time! Does no one else?? If they see a person is t making dispatch they send someone to help them. No one is suppose to be delivering mail after dark!

Stacy Traffanstedt

We don’t have a cut off time. I’ve been out delivering mail after dark many many times. Enough that I bought a head lamp. When we complain we are told “dark doesn’t matter”

Christopher Paradise

It DOES matter. It’s not safe and you need to file a grievance.

Penny Harlen Barker

We have to deliver all mail, there is no bringing it back in. Doesn’t matter how late it is. I was out an hour after dark today. I have a hanging light on my visor to see mail.

Megan Kessler

Our cutoff time is 8pm. We were out till 745 tonight. Can’t file grevience , steward says no rules about delivering in dark. Just not past 8pm

Kearney A Smith III

12 hours…. That’s it

Christopher Paradise

Oh you can file a grievance on anything. Knew of someone that filed a grievance because the soap in the restroom was too runny. I guess our office is good at getting carriers back in time for dispatch. They will usually send help if you can’t get done. It really bugs me how every office seems to have their own set of rules. Our competitors have a uniform set of rules and so should we. We’ve been around a lot longer and should be streamlined. Carriers should be safe. I mean, they preach safety daily but never follow what they… Read more »

Amanda Cahill

I’m so confused how offices don’t have a cutoff time. Is this dependent on postmasters? I’ve never worked past 630 and absolutely would never work til midnight. This seems crazy

susan jones

i worked for the post office from 2012 through 2017 and mail running late does happen,, no its not ok and also NOT THE CARRIERS FAULT… its post master or supervisors fault… they always bitching about how much it cost to keep carriers out esp when regulars call out,, they are so short staffed and the subs are running two routes sometimes more in one day… so go higher up the ladder and go over the post masters head and complain… its not only bad for business but its unsafe to be out late and you have a greater risk… Read more »

Fred Butler

Jimmy Gula

Jimmy Gula

It’s gonna happen here…you’ll see.

Troy Bilharz

Gary Reed….could be worse lol

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