Shoppers Turn to Amazon for Bulky Goods

May 10, 2017

Shoppers are turning to Amazon for bulky products not typically associated with ecommerce, and it’s growing its Tools and Home Improvement category by 35 percent, according to research from One Click Retail, which issued the following press release on Tuesday:

Amazon’s sales of bulkier non-traditional eCommerce items – including those in the Tools & Home Improvement, Outdoor & Sporting Goods and Home Appliance groups – are steadily gaining traction. This according to research from One Click Retail, a market leader in eCommerce data measurement, sales analytics and search optimization for global brand manufacturers.


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100 Comments on "Shoppers Turn to Amazon for Bulky Goods"

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Brent Russell

AND it’s killing us.

Debbie Grezik

I’m so glad I’m not the only one feeling the insane amount of literal pain, and breakdown of our bodie’s from this insanity, not that I wish it on anyone, I have at least 7 more years of this, at 55, I can honestly say I don’t think my body will make it.


I know how your feel , I think the same thing , I will work until I am physical not able to !!! I’m 51 been full time for 10 , 12 years part time… 22 years of this has heightened my own injuries .. Workmens Comp has a list on record !!! Ill be darned if I will go out broken from this job !!! Dont get me wrong I do love my job 🙂

Gloria Woolery

They are dropping like flies in our office.

Laura Spangler

Ya gtg real annoying

Beth LaPlante

I had a customer order a lawnmower. “Team lift” the package said. Not sure where the “team” was… probably watching me from their window. Nevermind the 10471050 bags of dog food that come through everyday..

Brent Russell

Last weeks “WTF customer?” was an inversion table! 60lbs of No-Team-Lift fun.

Debbie Grezik

We are screwed no matter how you look at it !!

Kristin Beaver

I had a lawn mower 2 weeks ago!

Michele Rios

I love getting those bc my Supo lets us write it up. Customer has to pick it up.

Linda Henderson

I had to deliver a barbeque/smoker to a customer’s house last Christmas. As he watched me struggle with the package (it was so heavy) he started laughing going “I guess now I know what my Christmas present is!”
Now I have a little portable cart for all those large heavy packages. That I ordered from Amazon lol

Gloria Woolery


Robert Ingenito Jr

This week in my office was a swimming ? pool and basketball ? hoop! Not to mention Prime Pantry up two flights of stairs ?

Jessica O'Dell

I get a lot of those big packages and I always think what “team”? Lol

Wesley Schwalbach

I had a lawnmower also the kicker is they live in a condo who has a company do all the ground work

Roy Orcutt

Team lift…yeah….me, myself, and I.

Vickie Atkins Moniz

Uggghhh the dog food and laundry detergents, this stuff will kill you by the end of the day

Trenna Neal-christofoletti

And cat litter! Killing us one smile at a time ..

Tracy Dehart

Smile? I don’t get paid to smile! LOL?

Sue Coley

And it’s only going to get worse my fellow carriers. And rural carriers will never receive one dime of additional compensation for it. Ridiculous!!!

Keri Hamilton Boatner

I had a printer, lawnmower, dog food one day.

Rebecca Fenner

70lbs is our limit

Sherry Thompson

They told us with Amazon it’s 90 lol and I weigh 113

Rebecca Fenner


Jesse Koleszar

It’s 70 Amazon or not

Tracy Dehart

When you were hired you were required to lift 70 lb. Not one once more.

Laura Atzinger Klingman

Maximum weight for any class of mail is 70lbs

Cody Bennett

They let Amazon do what they want

Ryan Feasel

Just stick the heavy item in front of the storm door, they cant open the door to get it.

Jason Fellenbaum

Glad I’m not the only one that thinks this way

Robert Ingenito Jr

And then they call up and whine ….

Deborah Chopiak Leal

Delivered a small frig, queen bed frame, folded wheelchair, etc. Ugh.


Cases of paper towels.

I delivered a large case of pasta on Amazon Sunday a few weeks ago.

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