Shooting at Dublin OH post office, two postal employees dead

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Shooter, victims were postal service employees

December 23, 2017

DUBLIN, OH (WCMH) – Police say one man has died after an early morning shooting at a post office in Dublin.

It happened at 4:25am Saturday at the United States Post Office on the 6400 block of Emerald Parkway. According to Dublin Public Information Officer Lindsay Weisenaur, one man was shot and killed inside the facility. Police have not released the identity of the victim at this time, but they have confirmed the victim was an employee of the postal service, as was the suspect.

According to the Columbus Division of Police, the suspect was apprehended and is currently in custody. Police say there is a second fatal shooting on Bowland Place that is related to the post office shooting. The second victim was also an employee of the postal service.

The United States Postal Service declined to comment on the shooting, directing all questions to law enforcement.

No further details were immediately available.


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Joy Scarborough

Sounds like a domestic issue. Sad and scary.

Eve Brooks

No. A Carrier posted a Regular Carrier killed Supervisor after being written up yesterday. Not sure who second person was. Regular Carrier in Custody

Joy Scarborough

The secomd person must be part of the reason the shooter was written up. Jesus, that is horrible, I’m actually surprised that this doesn’t happen more often, you know what I mean. There are no real security measures in any office I’ve worked in. You have a couple in your office I think are totally nuts and capable of terrible violence.

Eve Brooks

I know exactly who you are talking about! And, I told my husband the same thing: the stress is REAL… You are pushed and pushed and pushed…and, I, too, am surprised there isn’t more of this happening… Especially this time of year!

Joy Scarborough

I can’t open the link, but I read a news report posted below. The second person killed was a female postal inspector.

Eve Brooks

Oh… You probably have to be a Member of that page. Postal inspector? Wow!

Joy Scarborough

Yep, he waited outside her apartment and ambushed her. Now, if he knew where she lived, that brings up more questions. I sure as helll don’t know, offhand, where my local postal inspector lives.

Diane-Ed Cox

Eve Brooks it was a CCA second person is postmaster.

Eve Brooks

Me either! I couldn’t even NAME a Postal Inspector!

Joy Scarborough

Diane-Ed Cox, I was doing off information from the news article that Ruralinfo posted below, I know that can be misinformation. Was the postmaster a woman?

Leland Grant

Eve Brooks the pm and super were trying to fire a guy, he shot both of them

Riccardo Jackson


Patrick Allen

From what I’ve heard, it was a CCA. Killed a supervisor and postmaster (her death hasn’t been reported yet), then went home and killed his wife.

Max Tucker

Yeah that’s my office

Michael Wirth

That’s aweful max.

Joy Scarborough

I am so sorry, I hope you and your coworkers are okay, my thoughts are will you all. That was always something I feared from my first week on the job, when I heard a carrier “going off” on a supervisor. We have some seriously damaged employees and it never gets properly taken care of, just let them explode all over the office.


A lot of times the SUPERVISOR will push you to the point and screaming and yelling at them. They just push, push and push until you have to go off before they will leave you alone. I’m also very surprised that it is not more of this going on.


Yes agreed, but there’s also some seriously damaged in mgmt also. Ive known some who purposely screw with people for nothing but the sheer fun of it, honestly. Then theres some who couldnt manage themselves out of a wet paper bag and are purely on a total power and ego trip. Then they end up promoting more like themselves, with zero managing OR people skills. Just saying, and I know this goes on everywhere & not just where i recently retired. I fully expected to see it close by for over half my career, glad im GONE!

Sheri Harrison

I’m so sorry Max, prayers to your office from 65711

Jill Rich

Prayers from 65775

Kathy Tosh

Prayers from 85379

Katrina Rees

Thoughts and prayers from. Pataskala.

Mary Beth Mckenzie

Thoughts & prayers from 45694 OH

Debra Plankey Bennett

Thoughts and prayers from 28390

Sue McNutt Cook

I am so sorry.

Barbara Board

Prayers for all from Detroit NDC 48101

Michael Mohr

Who ever laughed at this headline. Wtf is wrong with you?

Joy Scarborough

Hopefully she did it by mistake, it’s right next to the shocked face. I really hope so.

Paige Holthaus

Kelly Brooks Haynes

Paige Holthaus

So sad

Vickie Tidwell Votaw

This sucks!

Trudy Hall

Prayers from 47111

Nikki Sanidad

Trina Sexton

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