Shipping shakeup? Amazon may deliver its own packages

Amazon has already shown that it can rattle the retail, grocery and health insurance industries, and now it is doing the same in the delivery business.

The online retailer is reportedly planning a new service to pick up packages from businesses and deliver them to consumers.

The service, called “Shipping With Amazon,” is expected to start in Los Angeles in the coming weeks and roll out more broadly as soon as this year, according to The Wall Street Journal , which cited anonymous sources.

Amazon, which has been edging into the delivery business for some time, would not confirm the report — but didn’t deny it either.

“We’re always innovating and experimenting on behalf of customers and the businesses that sell and grow on Amazon to create faster lower-cost delivery choices,” said Amazon spokeswoman Kristen Kish.

Shares of delivery giants UPS and FedEx slipped Friday, but so did Amazon’s stock as analysts expressed caution about the difficulty of building a competitive delivery network.


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Christopher Paradise

Let me guess, the nationwide rollout will be the first day of mail count.

Gaby Singletary

Yeah now , before mail count .

Sally Rose Allen

Already happening in AZ

Mar Shu

Better be directly to the customers’ door and not to our postal mailboxes

Michael Mohr

Called it. 5 years and counting until they are a rival shipper.


I’ve been saying it also. Never doubted this is where this would go

Steeley Mcbeam

They have been delivering there own for almost a year in my town

Michelle Hoch

I’m okay with this!

Jose E Lopez

They deliver their own stuff in San Antonio Tx

Sheree Leffel Knopf

Here’s how well they deliver on my route…

Abhi Sharma

There are employees in every delivery company who deliver like that.

Jacqueline Pozgar Diehl


Pieter Koedijk

You get what you pay for..

Tina Nichols Ransiear

It will never happen here in North Dakota. 2nd day after a snowstorm and the country roads aren’t plowed, FedEx and UPS turns over any parcel deliveries to us rural carriers, most of us have 4×4.

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