Setting the record straight after misleading rant against USPS

January 8, 2018

The Hill recently published a misinformed and misleading rant about the United States Postal Service by Ross Marchand. To set the record straight, the Postal Service has grown its package business at double-digit rates for the past three years.

This is the result of significantly enhancing our offerings and service quality as the e-commerce delivery market grew.  Our package offerings provide consumers with affordable shipping options that are available throughout the nation, consistent with the Postal Service’s universal service mission.

Moreover, the revenues provided through these package offerings provide essential support to pay for the network and infrastructure that enables us to fulfill our universal service obligation. Hence, all users of the mail benefit from the Postal Service’s package products.

Consumers also benefit from the fact that we provide retailers with affordable shipping options. One of our offerings, called Parcel Select, allows shippers to drop packages directly at distribution units for next-day delivery, thereby leveraging our universal delivery network.

This offering generated $5.6 billion in revenue for the Postal Service last year and helps power America’s e-commerce economy.

Because the Postal Service operates in a highly competitive delivery marketplace — against major established players and a myriad of startups — we negotiate service agreements to support the specific delivery needs of our customers, with full recognition of the market forces at play.


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Tish Wells

Thank you!

Len Winston

For three years. And during that time no Rural Craft Count. Who’s really paying for Amazon.


Haha haha.Now that’s some funny stuff!

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